HawgRyder1 20 hours ago

Why can’t Hollywood come out with a movie about the life of Mr. Tesla instead of wasting time making? those stupid damn remakes??

kissmytwinkys 13 hours ago @HawgRyder1

I agree! A proper movie should? be made!

phlapps1 16 hours ago

Tesla Electrifies**

Edison Electricutes

danielwalls 2 days ago

I’d hate to think which of? Tesla’s ideas that could cause great harm are in development / manufacture today….or even already in effect, but we don’t know about.

footballward 3 days ago

damnit!!!! this makes me so damn? angry

footballward 3 days ago
cavernettes 6 days ago
how the hell have i? never heard of this guy?

@cavernettes Thomas Edison is? a crook that’s why.

whatthehell81 1 week ago
Some reasons, adding to the benefit of his inventions to mankind, that tesla is blacked out from all media or beeing portrait as? a madman, is his religion, which is christian and Edison beeing a Cabbalist (=Luziferian) Free Mason, like Einstein was a Kabbalist too and a Zionist, which are the ideal requirements for beeing praised in the elite media.

YOURPENGUY 14 hours ago

Free Energy is real but the coverup is? strong, if you are interested in a REAL free energy machine then

just search for the LT MAGNET MOTOR in the youtube video search , it is probably the ONLY working magnet

motor out there. Join the free energy revolution!!

javysr71 1 week ago

Everytime it mentions his table for one, a tear comes out from me. ?

Feathersandploom 2 weeks ago

When I was really little my biggest dream was to become an amazing? inventor!

Feathersandploom 2 weeks ago

Thanks to Matthew? Gray Gubler for tweeting this! Nikola Tesla is so awesome!

thummbbs upp? :yeasss

Thummbss downn: no

MaryKateSalva 2 weeks ago 4

“everything has to be divisible by 3” that would? suck…

ronmann606 3 weeks ago

I totaly agree with Matthew? Gray Gubler…Nikola Tesla is very rad

SaraLovesSpencerReid 3 weeks ago

The best? part about Tesla? He didn’t have to fry an elephant to prove his point.

handxred 3 weeks ago

I agree with MGG.? Wow. ~RRS

smokedhoney 3 weeks ago

the first and last episodes of season three of Murdoch Mysteries focussed on Tesla’s? work

ThetisKipp 3 weeks ago

I’m stunned that up? until recently I’ve never heard of Nikola. They should be teaching this stuff in schools….

TheCustard17 3 weeks ago

@TheCustard17 You? have never heard of Nikola Tesla???? Really?? OMG

lady89nen 2 weeks ago

@TheCustard17 really? when i was younger my teacher wrote? peoples names on scraps of paper and made us pick them out of a hat, and who ever we got, we had to write a paper on, i got Nikola Tesla, but back then i didn’t know the magnitude of this man, he was incredible whats wrote about him in books is nothing compared to everything he has created, he was a genius

cronicjointpain 3 days ago

I have to admit, Mr. Tesla had such interesting and thoughtful ideas. What an amazing piece of history!!!? Who would’ve thought?

Thanks for sharing, Gube!!! You’re the best!!!! <3 <3 😀

saphriaofhogwarts 3 weeks ago 5

Tesla was so awesome! My fiance and I actually? have Tesla on our list of baby names!

wheelerthewookie 3 weeks ago 3

Thumbs up if Matthew Gray Gubler? sent u!!! <3 <3

claudiasmycat 3 weeks ago 67

I’ve got Tesla Fever!?

melneedsherspace 3 weeks ago

Interesting story. genius +? mental illness= a national treasure to mankind. To be honest only came here because of MGG, to see his what was so fascinating about this man. I saw the “Prestige” didn’t know it was about him. That was a great movie.

kellbell1979 3 weeks ago

wow, Edison was a dick!!! i’ll never? understand why some people get all the credit…

ctswright 3 weeks ago

id honestly never heard of this guy before i saw this. pretty neat guy. too bad he wasnt in the books in? school…

ctswright 3 weeks ago

yeah, gubler was right, telsa is rad.? pretty cool.

ANproduction 3 weeks ago 3

Pretty pathetic that some of you find him suddenly? “fascinating” just because of MGG.

KiittyCupcake 3 weeks ago

See the attached video (UFO Challenge)?

Tesla’s ideas /technology in full effect..

(And in the wrong hands)

seekYEthetruth 3 weeks ago

MGG-Thanks!!!!! I had heard the name, but never investigated the person-truly fascinating! So tragic that he brougth so much to mankind, and in the end, died alone.?

celticlaws1 3 weeks ago

This just shows how history is distorted. Example: Schools don’t teach about the great man George Washington Carver and the numerous contributions he made to the world (which? we are enjoying today).

gibsongranny 3 weeks ago

I’ve been obsessed with Tesla most of my life (I’m 43 now). I always thought? he could have devised a functional time machine, at the rate he was going…if his mind hadn’t gone, first. But I do think he would’ve done it. He was so far ahead of his time.

MayPhoenix 3 weeks ago

Edison was a? jerk.

MayPhoenix 3 weeks ago 7

thanx MGG, now i? am infected with Tesla fever

monkeyg333 3 weeks ago

Tesla’s been my favorite inventor of the past 150? years since I read ‘Strange Brains and Eccentric Genius’ in eighth grade. His life story blows my mind.

I also like how the soundtrack from ‘A Beautiful Mind’ is playing in the background 🙂

BeatriceKeedsler 3 weeks ago

I’ll have to agree with Gubler on this? one. Tesla IS pretty rad.

poeticnerd1990 3 weeks ago 59

Tesla fever sure is catching.?

RBrls 3 weeks ago 10

@RBrls It’s more of a Gubler? fever though . . .

trinidadsb 3 weeks ago

@trinidadsb lol. Although that may be true for a? couple of the ‘commenters’ out there somewhere in the Web-i-verse, I actually parallel this guy to one of my own idols, fictional as he may be, Howard Roark. 🙂

RBrls 3 weeks ago

@RBrls I do see the similarities now that you mention!!! How did I missed this!!?? Oh well . . . Either way, regardless of how people gets to the knowledge I think? is great people gets it, so, even if it was only because MGG suggested it, a lot of people did came here and found something interesting =)

trinidadsb 3 weeks ago

I still don’t have Tesla? fever

kurtywurty85 3 weeks ago 2

@kurtywurty85 But We will keep trying, Gube!!? 😉

trinidadsb 3 weeks ago 3

J.P. Morgan….I hope? you are burning in hell right now. Your fortune was nothing but blood money and you screwed several generations.

Only good oil company, to me, is a DEAD oil company.

TheCastellan 1 month ago

WOOOT. SRBIJA, proud to? be one. love you tesla<3

lovemetwo2 1 month ago

I invented a breakthrough source of energy which violates the law of conservation of energy. I have a PROOF that there are electrodynamic phenomena which violate the law of energy conservation. Making a 6 kW generator will cost? $1200 in mass production, value of energy produced yearly $5400.

I am looking for $300 000 for a prototype and $3M for patents.

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henrykay01 1 month ago

@henrykay01 I am a Nigerian Prince and would like to help fund your project. The only problem is that my money is stuck in an account and I need $5 000 USD in order to? get the money transferred.

bradman3001 1 month ago

I invented a breakthrough energy source which violates the law of energy conservation. I have a PROOF that there are electrodynamic phenomena? which violate the law of energy conservation (and also experimental evidence of such phenomena). Making a 6 kW generator will cost $1200, value of the energy produced yearly $5400, zero operating costs. I am looking for $300 000 for a prototype and for $3M for patents.

H. Tomasz Grzybowski

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henrykay01 1 month ago


LOL. That´s a funny one.

Why not simply pick up your Nobel Prize and use? the money to start your company?

coffeemachtspass 1 month ago

@coffeemachtspass Top physicists knew that the law of energy conservation can be violated since 1861. But it is a secret. No physics journal will? publish it.

henrykay01 1 month ago

Let me see what sounds more likely.

1. Every single top physicists without exception, regardless of national identity, personal views? of professionalism, years of dedication to teaching and research… are MORE committed to keeping a secret from their peers that would guarantee their ultimate glory beyond Newton and Einstein.or

2. You Henrykay01 are either lying or deluded.

For now, I´ll go with number 2. Why don´t you post your video of the proof, or is that a secret, too?

coffeemachtspass 1 month ago

@coffeemachtspass Einstein’s glory has been financed by the fuel-energy complex. Relativity theory is completely false, based on lies about experimental results and self-contradictory. Relativity defends the law of energy conservation against the truth. Physicists fall into? 2 categories: 1) fraudulent scientists 2) victims of the fraud. It seems hard to believe, but an average person cannot verify it, so they get away with it.

henrykay01 1 month ago

I am? not a physicist. But I know some. Post your video and I will have them take a look at it. Until then, here is what you are saying:

Blah, blah, blah MAGIC!!! blah, blah, blah.

coffeemachtspass 1 month ago

@coffeemachtspass As I already said, physiscists can be divided ito 2 categories: 1) fraudulent scientists 2) victims of the fraud, Either way, they are not worth talking to. If you find an electrical engineer who knows Maxwell’s equations, there is a chance that he will give you an objective opinion about? my proof. My e-mail address is in my contact box.

henrykay01 1 month ago

How amazingly pretentious. I suspect that the real reason they are “not worth talking to” is that they think your idea is wrong.

That said, I do not have any interest in exchanging emails with you, but, as I said before, I will be perfectly happy to watch a video? presentation of your proof.

coffeemachtspass 1 month ago

@coffeemachtspass I spoke to several physicists. The most honest answer I got was: “Yes, you? are right, but this is against coal, oil and gas interests, so I won’t have anything to do with it”.

henrykay01 1 month ago

@henrykay01 Wow. The bullshit just gets? thicker and thicker on the loony side of the pool.

Were these the physicists that you told me earlier were “1) fraudulent scientists 2) victims of the fraud.”

So far the only fraud I see is the one you´re perpetrating. As I said, let me know when your video is up. Hopefully BIG OIL, GAS AND COAL will let you live without you changing your name and wearing a fake mustache.

coffeemachtspass 1 month ago

You seem to have? a hard on for big coal and oil.

TheCastellan 1 month ago

@TheCastellan Just the opposite, I don’t have any love for them at all. But our real energy problems are not going to be solved by MAGIC. Until he demonstrates something that actually works, I’ll think he’s nothing but a delusional circus sideshow. ?

coffeemachtspass 1 month ago


Funny, they all thought of Edison the same way with his inventions.

And do you really think the oil companies would simply allow free energy to be known. It’s like how other countries in the world are acknowleding UFO’s or releasing information of them, even the Vatican addresses this, YET America does not, treating it as something as a movie of the week.

Hell, the? “great” Einstein has yet to prove relativity, yet 99% of mainstream scientists think of him as god.

TheCastellan 1 month ago


Wow, you pick the strangest people as your experts. Since when is the? Vatican an authority on anything except on how to collect money from gullible people?

And no, ‘they’ didn’t all think Edison was an idiot. That’s because many of his inventions worked.

Who is ‘they’ anyway? And how can you be sure that they ‘all’ thought something?

I believe in UFOs. I saw something flying once. I could not identify it. That was a UFO. What else can be said about it?

coffeemachtspass 1 month ago

@coffeemachtspass I can send you a proof that it is possible to violate the law of energy conservation, a proof that relativity theory is self-contradictory – send me an e-mail – my e-mail address is in my contact box.?

henrykay01 1 month ago

this mysterious, tall, dark , serbian

“he has dark skin :S????”?

runner784 1 month ago

@runner784 When he means dark he means mysterious inclusive. Kept to himself?

anbrin 1 month ago

@anbrin oh, mysterious ?

runner784 1 month ago

For anybody who wonders why our world looks the way it looks today…. it is because brilliant people like? Tesla who are very human and ahead of their time are ruined by greedy ruthless kapitalist bastards like J.P. Morgan and by “fair competition” like “Mr.” Edison… It is just sick.

ramusling 1 month ago

@ramusling nah, the more people use that pylon tesla has made, it would get its energy sapped? out

runner784 1 month ago

Way smarter than? Albert Einstein.

madeup6 1 month ago

Its sorta like where’s edisons? jet.

zach2408dk 1 month ago


number1chamboe 1 month ago

like all great artists, we appreciate their? value once they are dead.

katatogue 1 month ago

After i heard what Edison did to nikola I can’t? even look at him, i have a new role model now.

Mexicanblood493 1 month ago

A total GENIUS! definetely one? of the greatest…

mitian 1 month ago

Very good? Vid. Thank you for posting

TheSabybaby 2 months ago

THIS MAN WAS GOD. And why r there no videos of tesla himself? talking etc?

1stTrillionaire 2 months ago

i wish nikola tesla is still alive to tel lhim thanks for everything? hes done.its such a shame he died in recognized

MightySerbianFighter 2 months ago

@MightySerbianFighter ::I agree but some greedy people suppressed him because they did not want the public? to have his tech.

Egect666 2 months ago

The Russians developed weapon systems based on his inventions during the cold war.?

Egect666 2 months ago

Looks? like that bloke from Sparks …this town ain’t big enough for the both of us……

Spongeflux 2 months ago

why isnt? there an acadamy award winning movie based on tesla?

it would be epic

Ducaz012 2 months ago

good question . But where do you start and stop with his research poly phase / shaded pole motor/ x mitt and recieve/ etheric wave energy and is major disagreemetor to this ,the bigE from princton do we suround him with planck von neumann and other top scientist? do we put in the phily experiment and manybe his faked /rebuilt death and life ? how bout t henry moray should we put him in here too ? do we stop at montauk long Island? ? IT’S SO VAST what did mr ford think of him?

silverbird58 1 month ago

Jct: What an incredible crime against humanity not funding Nikola Tesla’s inventions turns out to? be.

kingofthepaupers 2 months ago

it all comes down to money…money= power…they are controlling us…and they use the inventions in ways they want to..free energy?! they soon put a stop to? that idea..

gmmjfan1 2 months ago

im angry, their? using this technology to destroy our planet.


infantry031 2 months ago

The? super elite will never let us relize our potential because we wouldn’t be there slaves.

Tommy528hz 2 months ag0

@Tommy528hz Hi, your right about the elites, they have hoodwinked the planet, but a massive awaking is happening, people are waking up and times will be very different.

I don’t know if they will? be better, but they surly will be different.

TheUltraNinja 2 months ago

@Tommy528hz The “Elite” are only humans under the influence of imperfect demons. This empire is destined to fail because? it is deficient. Don’t fear, the time will come soon when we will be free to make use of new science without anyone that threads us and distributes disinformation or dogmatism. This world will collapse under it’s own weight.

LastDaysPictures 2 months ago

I am krisshan Kant sundriyal, owner of Vedic Research & Innovations, Uttranchal, India. We are the only developers of Tesla Plates in India.The technology which we use in creating an energy fields is definetly the one propounded? by Nikola Tesla. Needless to tell you that its a perfect natural pain managemrnt system at the cost of peanuts. we have been exporting these plates since 2005.Not many know that American Supreme Court reversed the decision in 1943 in favour of Nikola Tesla

TheTeslaindia 2 months ago

There is no doubt about the greatness of this man.Many of his inventions are not even known to Americans.I am krisshan Kant sundriyal, owner of Vedic Research & Innovations, Uttranchal, India. We are the only developers of Tesla Plates in India.The technology which we use in? creating an energy fields is definetly the one propounded by Nikola Tesla. Needless to tell you that its a perfect natural pain managemrnt system at the cost of peanuts. we have been exporting these plates since 2005

TheTeslaindia 2 months ago

In 1894, (Einstein’s) father’s company failed: direct? current (DC) lost the War of Currents to alternating current (AC).

From Wikipedia (interesting footnote eh?)

AcePilot101 2 months ago

This is so fucked up, we couldve all? have free energy on this mans behalf.

those damn greedy bankers wont stop til someone stops them.

BadassCeino 2 months ago 2

@BadassCeino Linda Goodman in her famous books STAR SIGNS writes that he was on the verge of generating electricity from lightning. One single lightning would generate sufficient electricity to charge the electrical battery system of an entire city for one? year. The bankers screwed him at the last moment.He died a broken man because of the system which still continues to exist

Edison was? an asshole.

angrylittlegirl 2 months ago 2

I’d like to know more about the? intrigue involving JP Morgan. He’s one of the evil architects of the covert economic cartel that pulls the strings of society.

katydig 2 months ago


He was the main? culprit

TheTeslaindia 2 months ago

So why is this wireless electricity is? not out yet???

darkangel2327 2 months ago

@darkangel2327 google capitalism, you’ll? see.

JebacMiro 2 months ago

i didn’t know thomas edison was an asshole. i’ve never heard? of nikola testla. imma go tell my friends about him 😀

mrhenryhao 2 months ago


He was.? n the American Supreme Court reversed the ruling in noble prize in 1943 in favour of Nikola Tesla_ Linda Goodman’s Star signs

TheTeslaindia 2 months ago

@mrhenryhao yea, thomas tricked? him. nikola forever<3

lovemetwo2 1 month ago

2 months ago

Happy Birthday Tesla.

We Still remember you…?

BluelightSpike 2 months ago

What an inspiration…what a shame his inventions fell into? the wrong hands : ) x

thepurpleangels 2 months ago


celshader 2 months ago

Wasn’t the free energy thing people go on? about, actually a wireless electricity device not creating energy out of nothing.

GLeNss 2 months ago

@GLeNss google “Schumann? Cavity” it’s all electromagnetics

jackATTACK2226 2 months ago


insightllc 3 months ago

Edison was more businessman than scientist.He used Nikola Tesla for some inventions and told him that he is going to get 50.000 $. When Nikola finished he asked him where is my money? And Edison told him “You don’t get? american humor!”

lady89nen 3 months ago 6

He should have grabbed Edison’s lightbulbs and shaved em up his ass. ? Edison was a bastard.

TheCastellan 1 month ago

@lady89nen Edison was an arsehole Tesla was a hero who cared nothing for money. All he desired was to better the quality of? life for his fellow human beings.

We have the quality of life we enjoy now because of Nikola Tesla.

ChrisPCrunchy 1 month ago

@sasht1 No. Tesla died in Room No. 3327. His white gloves tell you brethren. His clues tell me. Tesla is the thirty third degree. The message to? you is this… Harriman told Merriman to? set that stage. John Muir’s glacier would feel the rage… Man made earthquakes for 111 years.

English Association Record No. 333 was on September 3 at 3:03 p.m.

Wireless energy was all but free.

But they did away with Shide Nos. & sold you gas.

The 33rd degree is TESLA. Earthquake Milne Shide No. 333

insightllc 3 months ago

the? pop-ups are gone form it….why?

animeguardianxx 3 months ago

Just to be clear – the photo at around 0:22 was a double image. Tesla was also? very good with the dramatic pitch.

RCbeastly 3 months ago

@TogieTung Well little clown, maybe the pigeons around him were more worthy than the JP Morgan and other business? leaches.

Tesla had more IQ in his shoes you have in your cranium, what it would take you a life time he would resolve before you could speak a word.

Who are you to try and mock the greatest GENIUS of the last 500 years?

bsod4u2 3 months ago

, THIS SHIT? IS THE REAL CONSPIRACY!!! Usually people with the revolutionary ideas get killed by the gov. but this guy gets it worse, loses everything n grows old knowing how corrupt it all is, keep this man’s image alive!!!

jackATTACK2226 3 months ago 2

Everyone knows war? is only about money and politics

jackATTACK2226 3 months ago

If there? was free energy we wouldn’t even need these wars throughout the years.

jackATTACK2226 3 months ago

This guy is not in a single History book, has about 35,000 views, yet? these “conspiracy” videos get a couple million.

jackATTACK2226 3 months ago

Albert Einstein …very popular…He was Jewish..

Nikola Tesla…He was not Jewish… tesla this reason has? been forgotten

MsPicassos 3 months ago 2

I love? this video:) Thanks.

Medusastorm001 3 months ago

ok last comment, i want to be shallow for one sec, he was kinda? hot

AccessorizeAlways 3 months ago

heh, the rumor is al gore invented the internet, not that i ever believed that but you can imagine the nerve of whoever created that fucking rumor? Im sorry for my language but i am so pissed? i don’t know what to do with myself

AccessorizeAlways 3 months ago

does that fall in the same category? I mean, i? think it does

AccessorizeAlways 3 months ago

that’s the newest? rumor, the one before that was bill gates did

AccessorizeAlways 3 months ago

JP morgan, surprise surprise, wowie wowie wow wow, god….one big ole conspiracy it all is…….really, either this is all true and connected, or some really good story tellers, which i subscribe to the truth. Man o man…….also the truth is stranger than fiction. I always thought that was so cliche but? damn it whoever said that knew the truth of it all, who said that by the way? Don’t take these famous quotes for granted , they all mean something so fucking true

AccessorizeAlways 3 months ago

i’m pissed, i’m mad now, i’m sick with the though of part of history that i learned and? remember was “thomas edison invented the light bulb”. I don’t want to remember that fuckers name anymore.

AccessorizeAlways 3 months ago

thought? of part of history i actually learned…

AccessorizeAlways 3 months ago

he’s not forgotten though, oh but he’s not….just overtaken but the evil, but the small few in this world that are good pass down his legacy (and i just? found this out today, but just saying)

AccessorizeAlways 3 months ago

Tesla was a genius who deserves respect!!! He was taken advantage of!!? I recognize your genius tesla!!!

Tommy528hz 3 months ago

free energy is here and we have to implement it now!

If you want the real deal,a real working magnet motor.The LT magnet motor is the best working magnet motor out there.

Just search for LT magnet motor and you can download the blueprints.

make a change

join the revolution of? energy

LoADLJTV 4 months ago

Nikola Tesla? was not a man! Without him we would still be in dark age!!!

MrWinestyle 4 months ago

…and look at that. That devil (Chase bank) is still around…and quite large. Go? figure…

jmr1068204 4 months ago

This is by far the best Tesla related upload on youtube! It seems that Tesla is finally getting the recognition that he deserves.? With his name becomming more well known (eg.Tesla Motors), maybe soon a big budget movie producer will take on a Tesla movie production.

clagwell 4 months ago

fuck the elite we are tired of the truth being being kept away by jealousy and? intimidation

noir0222 4 months ago

@sasht1 …yes, but every of the above mentioned brains went with the logic……like Newton with his laws of physics, or Galileo with his discovery of other bodies in cosmos realising that the earth is just a ball of rocks floating with all? the others…and at the same time others cursing them for their “witchcraft”

sasht1 4 months ago

so we still burn the bloody gas coal…..to produce the el power And YET WE STILL sit on a planet that is producing power all the time because our planet is alive in a way and giving us a chance? to harness it but when people like Nikola come round (who can find the way to harness it) we think he’s mad – just take what we can understand from him and chuck him away

sasht1 4 months ago

the idea of Free Power for us all is REAL, and if tesla had the support of right people at his time we would have the power that is already out there, created by our planets’ processes, restrained in strings that we human pull to our own use……the thoughts of number of uses really is exciting AND the only thing stopping? us from it even today as in Teslas time is the bloody money, thoughts of “wise investment” and this world order offcourse

sasht1 4 months ago

thomas edison has only invented the lightbulb the process in which el current is turned into light emission of it through resistance to it in a vacum bulb………..NOW Tesla was like one in a few billion that gets a mind bright enough to turn something that is ALREADY OUT THERE IN NATURE and try find way to harness it for use to us all and without selfishness that? stops the mind from creating

sasht1 4 months ago

Open Source vs.? Commerce!

momchilov 4 months ago

Tesla was? the Electric Jesus

Basisforstace 5 months ago 9

Nikola Tesla one of? the greatest inventors ever. we cyber geeks have great respict for Tesla.

The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane – Nikola Tesla

cybergeek100 5 months ago 2

the master of light. Nikola Tesla! Nikola Tesla! The greatest inventor ever!?

cybergeek100 5 months ago

He? was an absolute genius.

ancientmariner1984 6 months ago

This music is from ” Beautifull Mind” Whos know the? neme of this music peace?

MyPhenomena 6 months ago

@MyPhenomena? entry of the gladiators

Diet0r 5 months ago

Why can’t Hollywood come up with the? movie about the life of Mr. Tesla?

HawgRyder1 6 months ago 2

“A man always has two reasons for doing anything. A good reason and the? real reason.”

romansseven 6 months ago 12

Amazing narrator, great music and video. Thanks? for uploading.

VisionMr 6 months ago 7

What? a great man. I also sit like him ( the hand on face thing) since i was 10

kingkottah 6 months ago 5

the? part of his love life is missing!!!

harvestmoonagain 6 months ago 5

so fill me in? lol

kissmytwinkys 6 months ago

“Table for one.”?

SlowAndSteady2 6 months ago

Nikola Tesla -? The Forgotten Wizard becouse he is a serb!!!!

Brcko3 8 months ago

@Brcko3 Tesla was an istro romanian?

porchmonkey401k 8 months ago

so the CIA got it all

doesn’t? surprise me

FreedomCanada2010 8 months ago

Assassin’s? Creed 2 relevence?? anybody? anybody?

MJwalkathon 8 months ago

What does this have to? do with Assasins Creed 2?

Come on! Tell me!!

BluelightSpike 8 months ago

parts of subject 16’s files take aspects of Tesla’s failure and dimensia and tie them into the background plot dealing with “the apple” and Templar interferance. Such as Tesla’s idea of “free energy”. It would take to much commerce and power away from the templars, so they tourchered him? with the overwhelming power of the apple, along with tarnishing his name, and slanting the benefits of AC.

MJwalkathon 8 months ago

I haven’t bought my copy of Assasins Creed 2… I will buy it just because of? this. xD

BluelightSpike 8 months ag

There is some, thats all I wanna tell? ^^

haerverk 8 months ago

Nikola tesla wasn’t serbian but istro romanians ! Istro-romanians = romanians . Why? 1. Because he was born in a istro-romanian vilage and his parents were istro-romanians 2. Because Henri? Coanda was his friend and sad about him that it’s romanian !

IstorieAdevarataX 8 months ago

@IstorieAdevarataX what the fuck??? he was no and never romanian! and the best reason: he? said, in a letter, that he was an yugoslav! second: he could never speak romanian, so don´t talk shit!

100posto 8 months ago

@100posto He said that he was proud of his Croatian homeland, didnt say he was? a yugoslav

porchmonkey401k 8 months ago

even croatia was his homeland, he was a serb and at that time serbia was yugoslavia 😉 I´am also living in germany, but i´am not a german.. it´s the same..?

100posto 7 months ago

@100posto? im aware, but he was of romanian descent

porchmonkey401k 7 months ago


No he didn’t said that, you are trying to mislead his words. He said:

I am proud of my Serbian origin and my Croatian homeland.

By the way is the same to someone Serb who is born in Germany from Serbian family to say something like that.

By the way he was born in Smiljan, Austrian Empire near the town of? Gospi?. And Tesla passport that Croatian say that was Croatian, was Austro Hungarian and was used by all people from Austro Hungarian Empire, not only Croats.

Danmagorez 7 months ago


Hi was proud of his Serbian origins and you can understand that from this:

“There is something within me that might be illusion as it is often case with young delighted people, but if I would be fortunate to achieve some of my ideals, it would be on the behalf of the whole of humanity. If those hopes would become? fulfilled, the most exiting thought would be that it is a deed of a Serb. Long live Serbdom!…”

Tesla, Belgrade train station. 1892

Danmagorez 7 months ago


Day after he said to the students of Belgrade University:

“As you can see and hear I have remained Serb overseas where I have done some researches. You should do so and by your knowledge and hard work you should glorify Serbdom? over the world.”

Nikola Tesla, 2.6.1892

Danmagorez 7 months ago


There is much more.. but if you would not? believe his own words. Some that define Croatian today and at this time is that they belong to Catholic church and Serbian to orthodox christian church.

Tesla mother was Serbian, father was a SERBIAN ORTHODOX PRIEST.

Danmagorez 7 months ago


If Tesla was proud to be? Serbian was not because he was some fanatic blind patriot or whatever, but because of his Father and mother teaching that had big influence on all Tesla work:

“The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concetrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power.

My Mother had taught me to seek all truth in the Bible. N. Tesla.

Danmagorez 7 months ago


Tesla Serbian orthodox spiritual influence allowed him to look, observe and teach from the nature and cause of that he was able to understand and create with clear mind everything that he discovered. If you don’t understand the Tesla? mentality you wont be able to understand his public and hidden inventions.

Danmagorez 7 months ago


So stop creating misleading about Tesla origins for some political reason? that Croatian government and Vatican are doing.

Danmagorez 7 months ago 2


By the way, if? is created misleading about Tesla spiritual influence, creating misleading about his origins, in this way is created a misleading about his technology, invention and PHILOSOPHY. In this way people can’t understand Tesla work and follow him or evolve his ideas. Tesla spiritual teaching is strictly connected with his inventions. That’s why is important to understand the true origins of Tesla, and that’s why exist so much false bullshit about him.

Danmagorez 7 months ago

@IstorieAdevarataX ….If that would be true…..

How come you’re not proud about your heritage as romanian…

“sad about him that was romanian?”

What is that supposed to mean..??.. I wonder what your patriot friends may say….hm…?

hammerandnails777 6 months ago

Wonder how they know Tesla’s last thoughts since he die Alone. The video is pretty accurate but when Tesla said Free Energy he meant free for people to tap into worldwide, not being generated for free. It would still require generators to produce it. Tesla was only interested in wireless transmission, now how the generated energy was going to be payed for. Tesla was a genius? but too much is made of legend. He did enough without having to pad it with BS

Texmurphy51 8 months ago

We need to stop the New World Order or we are going to be slaves FOREVER.?

4truthjusticefreedom 8 months ago

8 months ago 2

pure? energy

locobeis 8 months ago 2

he is? serbian

overlordsiljac 9 months ago 5

Tesla was a? man that new he wasnt better then anybody else, this made him better than others with this opinion, he was open to ideas not closed minded and naive, truely a legend.

assassinXXnissassa 9 months ago 2

JP Morgan is the devil. The world is better off without that douche. Dont forget, the Rothchilds owned? most of corrupt JP Morgan.

EndTheFedRes 10 months ago 4

free energy=free? people!

work4thewicked 10 months ago 17

but above all he was a HUMAN being and a? really intelligent one 🙂

Oruper 10 months ago 4

no, he? was a god

321lawc 10 months ago

excuse me 🙂 he was? not born in romania,my bad i wanted to say that he is a isto-romanian born in croatia

Oruper 10 months ago

F*ck? Morgan and all his f*cking race!!!

szuzmari 11 months ago 3

if? you think Morgan is bad try looking up some of the things Rockefeller has done

321lawc 10 months ago 7

LOL I have……..another rotten egg!?

kissmytwinkys 10 months ago

a corner of bryant park in nyc was dedicated to him a year or so ago

just so you know

also a museum is being built on long island at the site of the? tower

koch46 9 months ago

I’m? assuming you mean Jewish?

XxXFreedomReignsXxX 9 months ago

This man was and still is amazing,he is one a trillion. to bad he did not had any offspring. so that he could of spread his legacy I think he was an alien (in a good way) maconi used some of Teslas patents to make the radio. Edison did some good discoverys? but he got zealous of Teslas cool Inventions.

mirobello 11 months ago

whoever ratted on Tesla and told the devil himself JP Morgan needed? to be burnt alive!!! F*** the rat

Firagax2 11 months ago

Share this video, let’s not forget this? Beautiful Mind.

All we do today, it’s all technology thanks to him.

dragnet2000 1 year ago

This may offend some people, for which I am deeply sorry.

IMO: I believe that Tesla contributed more and has done more for this world, than Jesus Christ,? Moses, Mohammad, Gandhi, and Buddha, combined.

That’s why most of Tesla’s works are hidden and the others are taught virtually everywhere.

NRGFromTheVacuum 11 months ago 3

i could not agree more! well said. after all jesus was just a carpenter and a really good sales person……look how many people are still sucked in today! at? least nikola told the truth. no crap like i’ll rise from the dead! he actually made a difference. without tesla we’d all probably be working at a DC power plant which would have been placed like street lights at every town corner!

lpgas1 10 months ago

you got that right…only problem is …we shouldn’t have trusted the Monopoly Men either….RATS? LOL

kissmytwinkys 1 year ago

find? it interesting how the skeptics havent left any posts on this video well in the latest 10 anyway . great vid .

goonerno14 1 year ago

that is because this video is embeded elsewhere in serbia lol…they are proud of Tesla..and well they should? be!

kissmytwinkys 1 year ago

i first heard of this guy in one book i was reading a little while ago, the author was quoting him…now why was he never (as i recall) never mentioned in the? schoolbooks? people should know about this awesome man

hilde86m 1 year ago 3

I don’t know why….This man was a genius and Edison hated him and was jealous of him..this much I do know…We learn about Edison who was nothing compared to? this man even Einstein was nothing compared to him…and I am still out on the market with Einstein where he plagerized or not….so…..

kissmytwinkys 1 year ago

The reason why he is “unknow” to many people in the U.S. is because of the awful propaganda machinery who has Edison as #1? in the schoolbook, thats how you fool a whole generation of people. Its still like that, shame on our Gov. shame on Edison and GE

Gentalor 1 year ago 3

thank you? for posting and you are so right!

kissmytwinkys 1 year ago

Indeed i do totally agree with you. This mans name shall never be forgotten, as he not only changed your life, but the life? of all humanity.

SKarmytech 1 year ago

Good? post, Thanks

fatzac86 1 year ago

A great man indeed, Some even? say he wasnt of this world.

Regna 1 year ago 3

A man ahead of his TIME.

How we could use another Nicola Tesla? TODAY!

mountainpalm 1 year ago 2


1000000volts 1 year ago

WHAT took ya? so long Nicola? LOL nutter!

kissmytwinkys 1 year ago

Tesla was a genius. I and many others work with his ideas daily and hope to accomplish a fraction of what he did. He had a special gift which he felt was a burden, but it allowed him to visualize his experiments before building them. It was an inherited trait from his mother.

Tesla coils will transmit power. They are? available right now and there are several videos on youtube showing their use. I use his dipole theory for my plasma sparkplug.

onecraftydude 1 year ago 2

Thank you for stopping by…He was a? great man indeed!

kissmytwinkys 1 year ago

Hail his genius, but if he created several weapons it? could be debated as to how much he changed the world for better.

cicatrixta 1 year ago 2

ah well…there is? a negative and positive to everything no?

kissmytwinkys 1 year ago

youtube[.]com/watch?v=mSBEYs0r­jac&fmt=18 for the? full, HQ version

Audity31 1 year ago

it sounds like Tesla was autistic?

wedrinkmountaindew 1 year ago 2

Well he could have been with all that stuff he saw? in his head……..and his OCD…..One never knows….but I do know this…the man was a genius!!!

kissmytwinkys 1 year ago

Nikola? tesla is a hero.

rtypexxxx 1 year ago 4

His life story would make a great movie.

What a great man. We all owe you so much.

Rest in? peace and thanks!!

whiteshadow67 1 year ago

Whiteshadow- Hopefully a dramatic documentary! A hollywood movie would just screw up? the reality of it! Like they always do…

Soulfree2008 1 year ago


Too true. lol

whiteshadow67 1 year ago

yes, yes soulfree……but…I am sure if kept to the truth of the? man it would be wonderful…yes?

kissmytwinkys 1 year ago

yes indeed!?

Soulfree2008 1 year ago

I agree and am so? surprised that they didn’t make a movie about him unless they did and I know nothing about it…let’s tell Hollywood to get cracking! lol

kissmytwinkys 1 year ago

Good idea.? lol

whiteshadow67 1 year ago

Wardenclyffe was supposed to draw electrical energy from the ground. THis is around the time Telsa began coming up with absurd ideas that never were possible. Morgan withdrew funding due? to the esoteric nature of Tesla’s idea. He had indeed gone mad.

PowersofKhan 1 year ago

No Morgan? didn’t want Tesla’s ideas to interfere with his money making schemes. Morgan and Rothchild=NWO duh!

kissmytwinkys 1 year ago

right, the ol Tycoons plotted this whole scheme aboard the “weather ballon” on Groom Lake. Tell me, if this idea could work, why hasnt someone else come along and invented it. There is no electricity permiating the ground, like Tesla thought. Yes, he had some awesome inventions, but he got a bit kookoo along the way.?

PowersofKhan 1 year ago

Because it? doesnt make some absurdly rich asshole even richer, thats why!

Soulfree2008 1 year ago

Yes? Morgan was money hungry.Why else did he sabotage Tesla and tell the other investors to not invest in him?”Tell me,if this idea could work,why hasnt someone else come along and invented it”.It´s because Tesla put only a % of the plans on paper.THe other % were in his mind.

SEJVES 1 year ago 6

right, the ol? Tycoons plotted this whole scheme aboard the “weather ballon” on Groom Lake. Tell me, if this idea could work, why hasnt someone else come along and invented it. There is no electricity permiating the ground, like Tesla thought. Yes, he had some awesome inventions, but he got a bit kookoo along the way.

PowersofKhan 1 year ago

“The greatest enemy of? knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

Stephen Hawking

kissmytwinkys 1 year ago

I? never forgot Tesla

Mongoosh 1 year ago 2

this video is the be !



mitaloodkostruja 1 year ago

Another winner Twinky.. awesome vid… The Tesla coil could power the World for no cost at all…. Imagine that… and who would keep that from? mankind and why?

One raceOne Love


BearWa11ace 1 year ago

money?? Power? They already are keeping it from us Bear…What a pity! :o(

kissmytwinkys 1 year ago

boy this guy Tesla was just amazing…great video? here!

BlueMoonWaxing 1 year ago

Tesla’s the man!

pbhello 1 year ago

You’d have to check me on this, but I’m pretty sure at one point in his life Nikola worked in Edison’s company, and was quickly promoted. Recognizing his genius, they asked him to rebuild and modify the company’s generators in exchange for what would be millions today. But Edison backed out of his promise, and didn’t give Nikola anything for his work. He said it was all part of an American joke, I think that’s why in the video he? says “…a man that couldn’t take a joke.”

justthink124 6 months ago

J.P. Mogran? quote

“Everybody would stick their antennas in backyard and we’ll have nothing else to sell but antennas. Free energy is not profitable. “

World we live in…

3ekan 7 months ago 3

i never thought da vinci could have had an equal but this man seems to? be cut of that same and most rare of cloths. The futures still yours!

MrSeanMDickinson 7 months ago 4

“There is something within me that might be illusion as it is often case with young delighted people, but if I would be fortunate to achieve? some of my ideals, it would be on the behalf of the whole of humanity. If those hopes would become fulfilled, the most exiting thought would be that it is a deed of a Serb. Long live Serbdom!…”

ApolloMP 7 months ago 2

cant believe JPMorgan still exist after the world knows for a? fact he prevented the world from free energy. scumbags.

jaymcd84 7 months ago 6

JP Morgan & associates are still silent partners with many industries, oil companies, banks and governments – monopolizing technologies and suppressing other technologies that they cannot monopolize. The shadow? gov’t of bankers from Tesla’s era is still here.

ThoughtCrime7 7 months ago 13

It pains me so much that a man like that was so wrongly treated. I wonder what the world would be like if he was to have done what he wanted to do for us. And today? when we as a race in need and a very much in trouble planet and all that lives on it have not seen this mans ideas and break through inventions come to pass when they are so badly needed (free global power), would it be greed by any chance is that the reason

TheTractorjaws 7 months ago 11

Digging Ditches, then, Becoming a real legend.

When you are a hardworking man, FAILURE is just an excuse for not doing what? you really can, for SUCCESS is the only thing that awaits you.

If you are a Genious, you might get success.

If you are a Hardworking Genious, success is guaranteed.

I wish we had a Genious or two like that in a near future…

BluelightSpike 8 months ago 16

Tesla is the? quintessential example of why power and politics should be decoupled from influencing an intellectuals mind and freedom.

HumanStrategy 9 months ago 33

Tesla’s life is quite an inspiring story…

When i need a lift, or when i need? motivation, i see this video.

There’s nothing, that can stop you for doing something great.

You may not succed, but you may become immortal. Just like Tesla.

He derserves so much more than obscurity…

It would be nice if the Wireless Electric system was named after Nikola Tesla.

He deserves it. (Just in the case that somebody made such system…)

BluelightSpike 9 months ago 34

I fins myself watching this video about… 3 times a week.

I would like to know a lot more about Tesla, a lot more than we can get from Books, or Internet, or papers… It would be beautiful to go back in time, and share a cup of tea with Tesla, talk? about stuff, talk about fears, talk about joy, talk about everything…

Imagine the stories this man would tell… And the memories he could have shared…

I agree with JoelBlack707.

He didn’t invented something. He invented everything…

BluelightSpike 9 months ago 39


gekados 10 months ago 48

j p morgan and westinghouse, capitalist scum of the universe would never allow humanity to prosper if they couldnt put a meter on it. humanity is stuck in a hole because of scum like this and people need to realise that this selfish system that only promotes greed, corruption and inequality must be abolished. no wonder no one has heard of Tesla, his name is not even mentioned in high school physics textbooks, disgusting. ?

Tesla should have never gone to USA.

igib2635 10 months ago 65

Nikola Tesla – The greatest story never told. When is someone going to make a serious movie about? his life?!

pdballin 11 months ago 114

This should? be made to a full length feature film!

nittynitnitty 11 months ago 62

I admire this? man so much!!!!!!

He was a genuine person, selfless and marvelous!

Badangel30 11 months ago 51

and tesla wasnt crazy,thats just what jealous people like edison made up,the whole mad scientist stereotype? was started by t.edison making cartoons portraying tesla as a “madman”,dumb prick

1acount 1 year ago 23

Wow, edisons a? total doucebag

Chimichanga12594 1 year ago 13

God Bless Tesla

“the present belongs? to them but the future belongs to me” quote by Nicola Tesla

canadakim1 1 year ago 11

He? was incredibly psychich, even beyond his control.

BeavisNacho 11 months ago

never before has civilization beheld a person whos? mind had such great impact on the world. and we have not seen one since tesla

rory88888 1 year ago

and? probably, never will.

audiodistortionist 1 year ago

i could think of a couple,wilhelm riech,buckminister fulller,victor schauberger(the nazis forced him to work for them developing his repulsine(or as theyre called today,ufo’s,aint it intresting coincidense how usa pilots reported “foo fighters”near the end of world war 2?i think alot of the ufos out there are man made,since you usually dont give people patents for something that doesnt? work

1acount 1 year ago

JP Morgan, once he figured out that it was going to be FREE energy, knew he couldn’t put a meter on it. Which meant he wouldn’t? make any money so he canceled it…

SKKJ90 1 year ago

Looks like we missed the? boat because of greed.

sonnyp7 1 year ago 5

hey look PLZ ENTER!! a youtuber remade the Wireless Transmission of Electrical Energy his acounts name is boxa888!!! PLZ HAVE A LOOK I AM NOT LYING PLZ? PLZ PLZ HAVE A LOOK


Pending approval Approve

NEEDCARS 1 year ago

Why didnt they allow the ompletion of the tower 100 years ago? Heres my quick thought? it would have cut the use of a lot of rescources such as plastic, metal etc.. so instead they cut him off took the technology and exploited for as? long as they could; therefore sucking out as much money from consumers as possible.

burtnasty88 1 year ago 3

Wardenclyffe should be finished…

Even if we already have the technology.

It deserves a propper investigation.?

BluelightSpike 1 year ago 10

like that will? ever happen

LogicListens 1 year ago

Dear Friends,

As you are aware, we are in the process of trying to acquire the property that was once the laboratory of scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla. We have been made aware of a grant offered by the NY State Department of Parks

… We would greatly? appreciate a letter from you to us, that expresses your support of the efforts we are making towards the acquisition, preservation, and restoration of the Tesla property.

Jane Alcorn


Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe

obmit83 1 year ago

If nothing else, there should at least be a replica of Wardenclyffe built to honor the memory of this genius. What America? needs is a national Nikola Tesla museum.

Erzahler 1 year ago

every nation needs? one.

nero91 1 year ago 9

The solution to the whole world financial and environmental problems lies within the ideals of this man who lived 100 years? ago if we really want to advance as a civilization we will have two grow stronger mentally as well as physically if we choose apathy and greed we will fall and let time pass us by and when that happens we will never catch up

jetx00ss 1 year ago 9

When the US government wants your work suppressed, it gets suppressed. People keep talking about the “incompetence” of the US gov’t. THAT, my friends, whenever you hear it, is DISINFORMATION. Believe me. Whenever you hear that, even? if it’s about GWB, it’s DISINFO of the highest order.

You won’t believe in their incompetence when they turn their sites on you.

piwacket33 1 year ago 15

You made a ver y valid point. You should assume that your elected? representives are intelligent, educated people who are experts on thier fields, have acess to top notch information and are able to consult the finest minds of mankind. Yet you mostly never hear of the people they consult, You hear of failures made due to incompetence more often than possible if you account the things i just said. Even tough failures can happen sometimes

CrazyKraut20 1 year ago

elected representatives are “experts” in? butt kissing, the real experts are away from the lime light, IE Los Almos, in laboratories. Also yes, US is very good at media manipulation.. .I mean seriously should we really care about the presidents dog??

patrick5087 1 year ago 3

not? only the government, the education system as well. that is why the united states is falling behind..

trisky1234 1 year ago

Respect? Nikola Tesla .GREAT MAN. R.I.P.Zivis u nasim srcima.

13Vuk 1 year ago 5

My Lord… Tesla was trying to do the Wardencliff project in 1901 !!

Pause and think about that for a moment, so far ahead of his time, so extraordinary.

RIP? Nikola. You are far from forgotten. You shall overshadow the greatest names of your time and receive the recognition you deserve.

History will judge you more fairly than your contemporaries did.

Keruaran 1 year ago 11

Hold up there Xenoneternal.

Edison’s greed doesn’t make him more “American”. Greed is greed, it doesn’t? discriminate. Wherever you go, there it is.

I do agree capitalism is pretty awful. Let’s all just be gentlemen here and tip our hats to a great great man.

JimboPunksout 1 year ago 5

Tesla is the man. An inspiration to all engineers!

Hegulator 1 year ago 7

Great? video!

ufaxx 1 year ago 4

I am so glad to have found you. The other day I drove my car and saw bulky electrical wire carried by huge? metal frames along bull dosed corridors 50 meters wide that run for thousands of kilometres through Australian forest, when I think of your gift of wireless and free electricity I am truly sickened for humanity. You are one of the greatest contradictions Tesla and modern society, corporate greed won. Shout his name from the hills !

raygabmiamizzi 1 year ago 5

Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla, your contribution to? manking is enormous thanks for all

in2sane 1 year ago 8

He was a brilliant man way ahead of his time. And he has been and always shall be an inspiration to me.?

nhuwar 1 year ago 5

i love? him for his amazing life long work. he is my inspiring person in my life time. happy b’day tesla. REST IN PEACE.

akhilesh401 1 year ago

I love? you Tesla!!

ArielBravy 1 year ago 2

One more thing – his parents were from Serbia, but he was born and raised? in Croatia.

Tesla107 1 year ago

Happy Birthday Tesla!!

We know who robbed you…


Happy? Birthday Tesla!! We love you!!

BluelightSpike 1 year ago 5

Dude in Serbia,all ppl know whos Nikola Tesla.But sadly in America few know who he was.That shows how stupid? Americans can be.

No ofence to any1.Just you should start reading more books,than video games.

milanTHErocker 1 year ago 10

serbs know him because he’s serb.?

albertaforalbertans 1 year ago 5

I’m sure that here in Europe Tesla is introduced in every? physics class.

twohandsoncoffin 1 year ago 2

Actually, video games are not to blame for that. Everyone everywhere plays? them, FYI.

Anyways, Thomas Edison was one of our favorite lobbyists and the founder of the most repressive engineering company on the planet: GE. So we love him more than Tesla.

He also happened to hate Tesla because he did not condone Edison’s rampant patent hoarding. Again, Edison is more “American” than Tesla.

Tesla simply isn’t “American” enough to be remembered.

I hate what capitalism has done to us.

xenoneternal 1 year ago 3


thehaneyplace 1 year ago

Tesla is my Hero, What A Genius. so far ahead of, anyone else. Every home, has a Tesla invention in it. but, sadly, The average person on the street, has never heard of this great, man. Edison, was a copyist, Einstein, couldn’t even tie his shoe laces, but, Tesla, changed the world. it’s so sad, what happend to him. a visionary, a? Dreamer, to far ahead of his time. Just imagine, if he was alive today, and what, ideas he’d have?. sad, that, people tend to riddicule, what they dont, understand.

anstonian 1 year ago 9

I’ve discovered Tesla’s work by googling my? own theories and inventions. RIP Tesla the only man with ideas closer than my own.

iv81 1 year ago

Its a shame when one great mind such as edisons can become so bitterly jealous off another great mind such as teslers that he would publically? try to humiliate him, then there is hoover and the american government who gave this man no encouragement when he was alive however benifited after his death helping make america a globally world empire..Tesler needs to get far more credit for his accomplishments

se4nyb0y 1 year ago

It’s TESLA, not TESLER. Its disrespectfull.?

m4rk0c4r 1 year ago 3

Other people’s Greed Killed Nikola, If? I could time travel I would fund his projects and give him modern equipment 🙂 (& bump off Edison)

wayne205stevens 1 year ago 7


“wall street MONSTER j.p. morgan….” and look the picture? they pick hahah omg he looks really monstruous

carolnikkiperry 1 year ago 4

Read this and weep:

projectearthDOTcom/HTML/Editor ialArchive/PDFs/Format/Tesla.p­df

reppDOTorg/discussion/green-po wer/200205/msg00011.html

But by? the end of his life, people had forgotten that his vision is what is powering these lights. And if we had continued with his vision, we wouldn’t have a fossil fuel economy today. And J.P. Morgan and Rockefeller and a number of other individuals would not have amassed extraordinary fortunes on the basis of that fossil fuel economy.

obmit83 1 year ago

what a brillant man lost? to history

lovelydiva06 1 year ago 8

Tesla’s lab..Wardenclyffe is in danger? of demolition as the property is up for sale. We need to establish it’s TRUE landmark status..NOW! PLEASE join The Tesla Science Museum..The Long Island Wireless Historical Society..as well as other historical societies..Shoreham Civic Association and Tesla enthusiasts at a demonstration: Saturday May 30th at 10am AT the lab on Route 25a and Tesla St. in Shoreham NY. The lab is also a brilliant design of architect Sanford White. You CAN make a difference!

KatradioNY 1 year ago 3

edison? was a dick.

maguizar67 1 year ago 13

werent there any technical drawings of wardenclyffe? you know, any that would allow somebody today to recreate? it?

kingofschnitzels 1 year ago 3


A? Battle to Preserve a Visionarys Bold Failure

NEW YORK TIMES Science Page One Article

1 year ago

Nice work, what a? story. Well done.

digibdallas 1 year ago 2

inventing a Death Ray is? hardly something to feel proud about

ControlFreakElite 1 year ago

Actually his proposed “Teleforce” was intended as a defensive? weapon with the lofty ideal of ending conventional military warfare. The “Death Ray” was a concept put out by the father of modern pulp Sci-Fi, Hugo Gernsback.

obmit83 1 year ago

edison? sounds like a nasty piece of work

wedrinkmountaindew 1 year ago 6

wow he? had extreme O.C.D

but he was a true genius!

agetube83 1 year ago 3

Topic: Urgent Request – Help Save Wardenclyffe > circulate widely


The Wardenclyffe property is up for sale and a private concern is thinking of buying it for about a million dollars and possibly destroying the lab which was designed by the great architect Stanford White and putting up? condos.

obmit83 1 year ago

Marc Seifer is? a great author and professor.

urbanlegend420 1 year ago

you fuckers do you know what this means, we must protest an fight aginst these greedy comp. like Edison ,j edgar hoover, j.p.Mogans fam, world peace will not come by control of knowledge instead lke the great visionary an profit Tesla worked for, to uplift? the condition of humanity…i would fight for his dream..before solar flairs arrive

BrainDeadVampire 1 year ago

may? we never forget Nikola Tesla.. a visionary, selfless hero of mankind..

slackologist 1 year ago 11

>>>>may we never forget Nikola Tesla..? a visionary, selfless hero of mankind..


obmit83 1 year ago

This video is bad @ss!? 5*s

RabbitDance 1 year ago

Tesla was? robbed and murdered!

jassydark 1 year ago 3

I am appaulled when I hear some I talk to about Tesla assume that he was stupid for not making any money. If financial reward or reward in general is your motive for contribution then you are nothing but a waste of mind.

I only how with my choice to go back to college I can contriure 1/10000th to the world that this man did. May his? name one day be spoken by the masses and given the honor and praise it deserves.

BunyPunter 1 year ago 18

Such a great man! So haunted, so alone! It makes me really sad?

Marinkorpse 1 year ago 14

It really comes down to the greed of man! Tesla’s motives for his marvelous inventions seemed selfless. Was he mentally ill? Certainly he suffered greatly! Who could keep all that intellegence in their mind coupled with his great curiousity of nature and at the same time be mistreated so cruelly by what many consider now to be heroes in history?

Imagine what could have been accomplished if all these men were to work together in the interests of Mankind!

Yet they would have held? Tessla back!

jfac1134 1 year ago 2

This is amazing!!!?

TMWProductions 1 year ago 6

“Tesla was robbed!”

TheBlackSquirrel 1 year ago 5

increinles nikola tesla,? genialidad

wasachevere 1 year ago

Free energy!!!! People like? JP Morgan make me sick!!!

senario32 1 year ago 9

Did John Jacob Astor fund Tesla’s dirigible torpedo (DT) project and not only an Illuminati acquaintance? Astor wrote SiFi stories about space travel and said the earth would look like a? crescent to a space traveler. I wonder if talking to Tesla gave him such ideas. Their project might have been considered a space craft by Tesla and Astor. The DT had no jets and would stay momentum less in any storm by electrical means. How does electricity do that.

teslaandlyne 1 year ago

Nikola is faar beyond than any person that has? ever lived , no one is close to him not evan Einstain

IDrocAI 1 year ago 6

Tesla may be the smartest human.edison has 1090 patents,telsa has 1800.thats 710 more inventions. he? was a genious.dshit,i dont even have 1.

Arenthak 1 year ago 6

what a genius i knew a lot of things but? not this omg !

kinezzii 1 year ago

you could compare this? genius with leonardo da vinci

DuDe02604 1 year ago

J.P. Morgan was not the devil, just an agent of the devil. He was the Rothschild man in America, and it’s about time people start finding out what these people have been doing and still do. This is only one small episode in their history and look? at all the good they have kept from humanity by crushing this genius Tesla! Tesla has remained obscure over the years, but so have the Rothschilds (by their own doing) and the time has come to change that!

jawhitten 1 year ago 3

Your coment is? excellent. Just to remeind that he was Serbian. We need support for Kosovo ( Devil attack again )

Pending approval Approve

srbijajenakosmetu 1 year ago

Tesla and Schauberger are 2 lost humanitarian scientists that struggled to build free nature friendly technology in order to make a world a control-free place

And control ego-driven basterds prevented them from rooting a new world ..

DeNnaceTheMeNaCE 1 year ago 3

Wireless electricity transfer… completly free! I’m from Serbia, and I believe that Nikola? Tesla is one of the greatest men of the future, which is far from us… maybe, one day…

lysalanahuntmaster 1 year ago 8

Broadcast electric was? briefed several weeks ago on NPR.

Sirrom0206 1 year ago

I’m the biggest fan of Tesla going and clearly he was a mad scientist.

In fact he was THE Mad Scientist. The archetype that all the villanous superman comic book evil scientists are based on (even if they sometimes look like Albert Einstein)

christophertelford 1 year ago

I do? not believe he was mad. Thats how others would classify him, even now, but i do believe he was a visionary genius.

shrunkensimon 1 year ago 2

Some of you comments are truth some are not..?

srbijajenakosmetu 1 year ago

Little sad. Maybe if he was American, name of? this great man would be more known today.

Nik123dj 1 year ago

It gives me goosebumps.?

54spiritedwill54 1 year ago 2

Tesla Rules!! We should have a day dedicated to? this guy!

weston028 1 year ago 19

hell ya? we should!! he deserves it.

best video i’ve seen on youtube in a while

goatsticks101 1 year ago 9

great video thank? you for posting this

fireprog 1 year ago 5

WE wont forget? ur great inventions… Hail Tesla!

baalyezidi 1 year ago 3

evil? psychiatrists calling a genius a mad scientist

1acount 1 year ago 6

he was not a mad scientist?

1acount 1 year ago 7

look at how the media showed tesla as a mad scientist in the first superman show, its so evil, teach the kids to think hes crazy, when clearly he was never!! poor tesla he did so much for people,? but the rich just edit him out of history and accuse him of being nuts when he wasnt! bastards! anyways i put up video of teslas patents if anyones interested in seeing, its important that you atleast get a basic understanding of wireless power transfer on earth and in space!! thanks.

boxa888 1 year ago 8

Last of? the wizards..

frynal 1 year ago 3

I like your way of? putting that.

DeepestSleep 1 year ago

Thank you for your priceless contribution, Mr. Tesla. R.I.P.

Time is? always on the side of truth.

Love more. Fear Less!

inframind 2 years ago 10

so sad….?

antimoron08 2 years ago

The? question is if the people behind the curtain who control this world in secret will allow such a thing to happen, cuz if they do they will lose control over us and we would truly become free!

People must be informed that free energy is a fact and not some magic or witchcraft,

but how? when media is strict controlled also.

borcer 2 years ago

reppDOTorg/discussion/green-po­wer/200205/msg00011. html

1986 Dod Request for Proposals P193 Air? Force secn 86-77 subsection 6 a government denying zero point tech requests research into zero point dynamic fluctuations of Space.

For the Air Force, when the entire human race is threatened. A program in the govt enclave to make sure this irrelevant, mythical phenomena is applied to weapons. I don’t believe anybody in this room would say it’s in interest of the world for this outside civilian use.

obmit83 2 years ago

what? a terrific posting! thanks

rotatingwah 2 years ago

Very interesting..thanks for the? post!

mattimus00matt 2 years ago

endless free energy? …

borcer 2 years ago


MPI is developing breakthrough magnetic energy technologies. Based upon proprietary discoveries in MPI’s labs, generators are being designed? that operate continuously, without fuel, extracting electricity by converting an abundant, renewable, extremely dense, energy source that has never before been commercialized.

This technology is expected to give electric cars unlimited range, as well as turn them into power plants.

obmit83 2 years ago

Tesla: ‘If we use fuel to get our power we are living on our capital and exhausting? it rapidly ( I would add exponentially) this method is barbarous and wantonly wasteful and it will have to be stopped in the interest of coming generations’.

obmit83 2 years ago

Tesla was a pure genius? scientist and inventor god bless him, Tesla wanted to give free AC electricity through out the world for the sake of humanity, regardless of their colour and ethnic background, but it was those evil big time Bankers in USA at that time that destroyed him, especially J.P. Morgan and multi milliner Thomas Edison the devil him self…GOD BLESS TESLA!

caruga95 2 years ago 2

Gob Bless Nikola? Tesla <3

JaymieWaymie 2 years ago 4

Al Gore : “…Scientists confirmed that enough solar energy falls on the earth every 40 minutes to meet 100 percent of the entire world’s energy needs for a full year.


WITH SPECIAL REFERENCES TO THE HARNESSING OF THE SUN’S ENERGY. … this is by far the most important to consider, not only because of its intrinsic significance, but also because of its intimate bearing on all? the many elements and conditions which determine the movement of humanity.

obmit83 2 years ago

It gives? me goosebumps.

shisharka11 2 years ago 2

It’s almost sickening how society treated Tesla during his lifetime. How easily he was cast aside when his ideas ran contrary to the greedy robber barons like JP Morgan and egomaniacs like Thomas Edison. Those men denied the world an opportunity for betterment. Instead they chose personal gain and fortune over the betterment of? their fellow men. I guess Telsa’s free energy would’ve put everyone on a more equal footing. Too bad, I guess equality for all doesn’t fit well in the profit column.

Sagitaricorn 2 years ago

J.P. Morgan and several others, like Rockefeller

even financed both sides during the second world war? just to get even more rich they don’t care about people

GhostDye 2 years ago


Dicken Elementary School in Ann Arbor MI

Tesla(1856-1943)was America’s? greatest independent electrical inventor:




We donated his bust to:

Harvard Yale Princeton MIT Cal Tech U Michigan U Wisconsin U Maryland U Illinois Purdue

U of Penn Georgia Tech Cornell MI State

Johns Hopkins Penn State Duke Carnegie Mellon & Columbia

obmit83 2 years ago

Beautifully done. Happy Birthday, Tesla, wherever ye are.?

Trystera 2 years ago 2

Great to see you recognise Tesla as such a pioneer of invention, contributing to? more than most people know of.

I myself have experimented in Tesla coils.

May Tesla live on in our future advances of his technology and inventions….

stevieroulson 2 years ago 3

Adam Trombly 1988 Tesla Conference projectearthDOTcom

crestDOTorg/discussion/green-p­ower/200205/msg00011 DOThtml

“… he was considered eccentric and crazy as a result of his statements…by the end of his life people had forgotten that his vision is what powers these lights. If we’d continued with his vision we wouldn’t have a fossil fuel economy today. And J.P. Morgan and Rockefeller and a? number of othes would not have amassed extraordinary fortunes on the basis of that fossil fuel economy.”

obmit83 2 years ago

He knew mind control methods, and way more dangerous experiments but kept them to his self, because of the potential? dangers they can posess if in the wrong hands.

JoyeuxLj 2 years ago


obmit83 2 years ago

really he is so powerfull? that i cant imagine

doomriser 2 years ago 2

did you? all know that the Tunguska incident ocurred the same day and time when Nikola tested his “DEATH RAY” June 30,1908…..

megapraimturvo 2 years ago

numerious eye witnesses claim that they saw a burning and roaring fireball leading up to the explosion. … doesn’t that fit Tesla’s fireball or EMP burst. NO! For? if it had been Tesla’s burst the fireball would have entered the Tunguska Area from the North over the Pole where Tesla would have shot it to do his publicity stunt with Perry. But ALL eye witnesses confirm the fireball approached from the SOUTH! The completely opposite direction. Consequently, it could not have been Tesla’s fireball!

obmit83 2 years ago

wow….it still seems weird that both happened on the same day,but yes it could have been coincidence…there are many stories of coincidenses happening thruout history……I still wonder what it was…I read that after the blast,many people? died of unknown sickness and in the 60s (I think),some of the bodies were exhumed and found to the RADIOACTIVE…… ??????????????

megapraimturvo 2 years ago

what is interesting is tesla explains how ball lightning forms, its the intereference of earth currents going out and returning to the coil with massive energies and holding the energy into ball lightning, the same? way nature does it

boxa888 2 years ago


When the action is very energetic, owing to the power of the streamer and other causes, the luminous portion of the same becomes a veritable fireball. This observation

which, to my greatest astonishment, I have frequently observed in experiments with this apparatus, shows now clearly how fireballs are produced in lightning discharges? and their nature is now quite plain.

obmit83 2 years ago

I do not understand you people. You talk about Tesla having all these wonderful ideas, well some of his ideas are still in the world today. Most of these are kept by the government. So what i cannot understand is why you people follow this, but do not look into making the government release his experiments and all of his work.? They have it and people need to demand this stuff to be released.

BlackRainGraffiti 2 years ago

“The Tesla file of the FBI/FOIa has been altered on the FBI electronic reading room perhaps by accident or more likely by deliberate and nefarious means. Tesla had developed the death beam now called scalar EM weaponry as deployed by the? Russians under the KGB. Tesla was more likely murdered in 1943 for his secrets on longitudinal / gravitational waves….” NAME WITHHELD


obmit83 2 years ago

Well thankyou for this information. If you have anymore info similar to this then please send it? to me. I already knew most of this but this seems to be some kind of record. If you could shine some light on the purpose of this site and the above information you have stated then that would be great. Thanks…

BlackRainGraffiti 2 years ago

It’s pretty cool how much of a resemblance there is between? Telsa and Frank Zappa. I think that adds even more “hip” appeal to Telsa.

kenrubes 2 years ago


JackDurban 2 years ago

“Talk about? an amazing story! I can’t believe he died ‘penniless’ and in a hotel room! Fascinating stuff!”

bluesilas 2 years ago

yeaa they say he died… many believe? he got poisoned 🙁

but yeaa penniless 🙁

tenizgurl 2 years ago

Daniel Day Lewis would be good as Tesla in a film. Whoever you cast, they’ll have a field day with this brilliant, enigmatic character. That as major film hasn’t profiled him yet, is unbelievable. We’ve had movies about serial? killers and rock stars, yet nothing about one the giants of science. It’s not like his life was dull either. Talk about a dramatic life!

looneytombs 2 years ago

The Prestige had a move featuring Tesla, although he had a minor role he was still a prominent character in the movie. It was a? good film too, I recommend! and final comment: Tesla was robbed =(

SmartGuy212121 2 years ago

Where are you Tesla when we realy need you? How can we be so blind from the goverment? Where? are the realy theory from this genius that the goverment dont want you to see? Now is when this world need the inventions of Tesla to have a better and cleaner future.

electron01 2 years ago

Wow,? that’s fascinating! What a story!

DGirlLA 2 years ago

When are we going to get a REAL movie about this guy?! Our current electronic world wouldn’t exist without Tesla’s vision. No more documentaries, I want a? major motion picture, please!

pdballin 2 years ago

a son of thunder! ya his X-ray or Death ray gun was shot out of a van at? the penagon on 9-11-2001. most people still dont known about this death-laser/ray/ tech . wake up your freinds

solvssod 2 years ago

Add “? &fmt=18 ” to the end of this url

ie watch?v=mSBEYs0rjac&fmt=18 for clearer quality for this or other videos not flash encoded before upload.

obmit83 2 years ago

That’s what’s interesting, I’ve always known about Nikola Tesla.

Today I asked my grandmother, and she’s never heard of him. I wondered if they taught children about him in the 40’s in school.

I’ve wanted to have a Tesla coil since I was 5 years old. What’s strange, I don’t know where that comes from, and if asked I don’t have an answer.

When I was 4 years old? I tied a key ring to an old lamp plug and arced electricity from my wall socket. That might have something to do with it. Beautiful

thedesignstudent 2 years ago

Many people want to control the world or own the world or rule the world,? but very few want to improve the world.

Nikola Tesla was one of those rare people who only wished to improve the world, but a every step he was used and taken advantage of.

How great this world could be if only we could all be like Tesla?

ChrisPCrunchy 2 years ago

Recent”Nikola Tesla Inventor”? Media Coverage:




obmit83 2 years ago

I did some work for Westinghouse signals in Sydney Australia a few months ago and on the? wall was a picture Nikola Tesla. He is certainly not forgoten now but in his own time it was a different story. Great shame I think.

ChrisPCrunchy 2 years ago

Tesla’s recent popularity in 40 inventors based on keyword search “Nikola Tesla Inventor” can be seen at: ict4usDOTcom/popular/inventors­mulDOThtm 06/07 #2 07/07 #2 08/07 #2 09/07 #2 10/07 #2 11/07 #16 12/07 #8 01/08 #15 02/08 #6 03/08 #10 04/08 #5 “We are but cogwheels in the medium of the universe…unavoidable consequence..the pioneer who is far in advance of his age is not understood so must suffer pain and disappointment..content with the higher reward which is accorded to him by? posterity”

obmit83 2 years ago

electromagnetic induction=Nikola Tesla?

vajdasagi 2 years ago

Thank? you Tesla… Serbian son!!!

sveki 2 years ago

So long as there are different nationalities, there will be patriotism. This feeling must be eradicated from? our hearts before permanent peace can be established. Its place must be filled by love of nature and scientific ideal. Science and discovery are the great forces which will lead to that consummation….innumerable causes of trouble would be removed, our lives… modified for the better…a firm foundation laid to all that makes for peace.’

1914 Nikola Tesla Looks to Science to End the War

obmit83 2 years ago

in the end you will have one governing body who will dominate this earth (ex. UN) with a corrupt mind, because power ALWAYS corrupts it’s human nature, just look at what happend to Germany when they gave power to one man in 1940-45, human globalisation is sadly not the answer to peace on earth, just look? at economic globalisation and how those corporations start to behave themselves, ruining this planet and extremely low wages in 3rd world countries for some extra profit, that’s humanity for ya

Sephiiiii 2 years ago

Tesla was a very good person…? and he is a simbol of how we must be! He believed in God and in a good future for all the word! Was serb but everyone must be proud for him!

sveki 2 years ago 2

conflict is inherent in human nature. without nationalities, there would be religion wars. without religion, there would be racial or ideological struggles. bitter and bloody conflicts have raged throughout history, lond? before the emergance of the nation-state system in europe during the middle ages.

nice idea tho.


theOriginalMax86 2 years ago

Tesla gives me faith in? mankind

54spiritedwill54 2 years ago

Tesla even invented radio transmission. Marconi was found by the Supreme Court 40 years later to have copied (stolen) from Tesla’s patents for his own patents. Tesla should have been more protective of his inventions and more tenacious in developing them? fully; Marconi capitalized on his ideas. Tesla could have been very rich if he’d kept developing one thing, like radio, to the end point. His genius apparently was also a curse, as he kept moving on to new ideas. Wish I’d met him…

OrmEmber 2 years ago

i? wish i met him too, just build a spirit com and you will be able too.

boxa888 2 years ago

I watched a video on youtube about Nikola Tesla, it was fantastic. I followed a link to a web site with information on buying the book. I will be buying the book. I just wanted to tell you thank you for not letting this information go? into the future unseen. I’ll bet nearly 100 years could have been different if some of his unseen work hadn’t been taken away. Anyhow thank you for your part in getting it out. – Anonymous Comment

obmit83 2 years ago

definatly, there would be no 3rd world country or dependence on other countrys for energy. everyone would have been able to put a wire in the air and ground the? motor or device and be able to get energy anywhere on earth and be able to civilize their part of the world because the energy would allow machinery for clean water ,food,and bussiness.teslas scalar waves would have brought energy faster than light to any place it was needed.check out my site,i remade teslas utilization of radiant energy

boxa888 2 years ago

What? an interesting man. His story would sure make a great film.

cheezzit23 2 years ago 2

u see the prestige, thats a great representation of tesla. whats even better is some of the things shown were probably done in real life. wireless power transfer? was definatly efficiently done by him.

boxa888 2 years ago

Hey what about this movie? This video is an ‘epic biopic’ right? Will you guys be making the movie? soon?

omikron441 2 years ago

The Tesla file of the FBI/FOIa has been altered on the FBI electronic reading room perhaps by accident or more likely by deliberate and nefarious means. Tesla had developed the death beam now called scalar EM weaponry as deployed by the Russians under the KGB. Tesla was more? likely murdered in 1943 for his secrets on longitudinal / gravitational waves….” NAME WITHHELD

obmit83 2 years ago

We all know what Tesla did for this world, and Why? Whay he was denied whole his life, why he must remain a secret, Whay he? died alone and pore,why most of his invention must remain a secret..Mony.., greed..,securiti reasons.. i don`t think so. If you wonna answers on thise questions-you must go to you tube under -Secret Rulers of The World. It is 29 chapters long story and you gonna get all answers you need to know and many many more-it`s up to yours belives and inteligence…

zeljkoboskovic 2 years ago 3

j.p morgan is? still dominating the world today! But out of the dust of Tesla will appear the light!

Ackdacka 2 years ago 2

The time is almost at hand..? Teslas day is coming 🙂

shrunkensimon 2 years ago 3

Very moving? story.

richkuhr 2 years ago 2


shurjomukhi 2 years ago 2

Brilliant man who deserved a lot more but bullshit politics and nasty greedy American businessmen ripped him off. He had good intentions. Thomas Jefferson and his relatives should be ASHAMED of themselves for stealing this from him and being? jealous of him.

fifthavenuegirl 2 years ago 2

absolute genius most remarkable man ever…period…now for the next …wireless electricity coming soon? to a household near you shhhhhhhhhhhhh

elareh 2 years ago 2

tesla invented wireless high potency powerlines, but it seens too dangerous. the transmission is based on microwaves. like that old russian project about generating power on space by? sunlight and transmiting it to earth by microwave

itabiritomg 2 years ago

Interesting how history lies on huge evolution in technology,? and some crook comes along to take credit for the invention.. Straaange..

avrokneksok 2 years ago

Tesla; the worlds first Starchild. I Hope he has reincarnated into another Body.?

greenhornet59 2 years ago 2

I have a? feeling he is around somewhere 😉

shrunkensimon 2 years ago 4

The most important man for sure in any generation!

Watch the newspapers carefully and see how anything based on his ideas and inventions is suppressed.

Now and again teams of scientists will rediscover stuff like wireless electricity..heck even here in the U.K. around summer time the shropshire star reported on a team who’d achieved it. Where is this team now?

If you do rediscover any such? technologies; keep it to yourself…you have been warned.

stormyandcold 2 years ago 3

hey check? out my tesla radiant energy device. its pretty good at capturing cosmic rays for energy use. tell me what you think. i left plans so you can build it too! there are 4 videos in all

boxa888 2 years ago

See: Tesla Roadster by Tesla Motors, Oakland California, USA. Gets 250 miles between charges, 165 miles per hour..

Electric cars challenge? the oil/auto monopolies..get wise!!

AcePilot101 2 years ago 3

if i could bring back 1 person from the dead it would be tesla hands? down

mdbrafman 2 years ago 5

the? king~V~

RAPTORSTARSHIP 3 years ago 2

Tesla was a brillant? man. I would like to have wireless electricy.

Xandirfan 3 years ago 7

that would devestate? copperindustry remember 🙂

avrokneksok 2 years ago 2

mit is stealing his? wireless energy setup and not giving tesla creedit!!! that pisses me off more than anything!!!

boxa888 2 years ago

Wow !! I knew Tesla was brilliant, but I have even more respect for? him now that I know he battled with OCD.

I salute the great man.

RoadRunnerLaser 3 years ago 3

JP Morgan? u greedy a55ho1e!!!!!!!!!!!

bikinigrrrl 3 years ago 7

yu wont find me disagreeing with ya bro

may he rot in? hell and edsion for thety did to thsi fine man and a patriot

gell7 2 years ago

Tesla gives me? faith in mankind

katahajime 3 years ago 4

duno watching for the 100 time and it s? interested to watch again…

pljevaljcic81 3 years ago 3

That was? awesome.

y0uturd 3 years ago


Joshananda 3 years ago 2

Tesla = A Beautiful Mind. The greatest? inventor in Earth’s history. Suberb video. Thanks.

JoJo1955 3 years ago 3

Thanks,Excellent video?

teslawon 3 years ago 2

THAT? was great, A true mark of respect…..thanks..

zappotron 3 years ago 2

this is SO lovely…? THANKYOU.

ainjelemme 3 years ago 2


MLoriAnderson 3 years ago 2

What a great Vid, Like Tesla said, Edison has now but? I have the Future!!

mannyblaze 3 years ago 3

Thank you for putting out this invaluable information!?

kittiehart 3 years ago 2

what a shame we should dress statue for him?

Vence333 3 years ago 2

YEs , ? A BIG STATUE (about 30 m high) !

Johannes1717 3 years ago 2

Very good video. Tesla was the greatest inventor and visionary. Very modest. It is incredible how little credit he was given, although his contribution? to our world was immense.

Buzzinko 3 years ago 2

I think the whole World needs to know about? Nikola Tesla

mynameisash1981 3 years ago 2

As? long as we have people like Hutchinson to continue Tesla’s legacy, the wizardry won’t die.

solothyrn 3 years ago 2

Let them hear our vital force, the Nature’s power: the world should take back his own MONETARY SOVEREIGNITY, just as Lincoln and JFK try to? fight. This is the real modern CHAIN. When we’ll get it BROCKEN OFF, we could take TESLA’S LESSON about the future. NO CHEMTRAILS. NO WAR. NO HAARP. Please

marcpoling 3 years ago 2

right? on!!!

kittiehart 3 years ago 2

A really good video, If only Nikola could have done his work the way he wanted. The worst part is we can still have free energy, but? the government wont have it! as there is no money in it or control, I say we should demand what Nikola wanted!

realvworld 3 years ago 3

Check? out magneticpowerinc. com

obmit83 3 years ago

Excellent video. It covers Nikola Tesla’s story by describing key relationships between all the key people involved. Despite his genius and generousity, Tesla’s name remains widely unrecognised? and his contribution sadly understated.

Buzzinko 3 years ago 2

Yes, indeed!?

kittiehart 3 years ago 2

long? live tesla

coderre 3 years ago

we can get free energy, but could you imagine what MAY have happened in the 40s if this had become a reality? happy tanks akimbo… lol still if this is? 40s tech why aren’t we initiating it now???

BiliousTrumpstaine 3 years ago

I believe one day in the near future Nikola Tesla’s? dream of free energy for everyone will become a reality. I think that his original theories on zero-point energy will help scientists in the near future to tap into this and Tesla will become a great figure in the public eye once again. Long live Tesla.

cubfan135 3 years ago 2

@sarajevo61: genija, nikad se nece isti roditi…

He was Genius, he was like zeus and his lighning bolts,? he controlled electricity.

Died a broken man, so sad.

I’ll never forget him…

cherrybomb91 3 years ago

I’m just around the corner from the site? of his Colorado Springs ‘Knob Hill’ lab and this town does nothing to remember him at all. It is sad. The Tesla Museum went bankrupt and closed. This town sucks

TonyTuthill 3 years ago

that? is really sad

supergenius18 3 years ago

respects to the genius. let the future tell the truth.?

earthacademy 3 years ago 3

Thank you. Thank you, for? that. Thank you.

misformurmur 3 years ago 3

if only we could? clone him

ZBKAres 3 years ago 3

Bravo !

Love the titel : The? Lost Wizard

Triop73 3 years ago 2

He was definitely a genius! Tesla is also? such a remarkable name! TESLA JE BIO DOBAR COVEK!

sarajevo61 3 years ago 2

Nikola Tesla, the most brilhant? genius who the world already had, in which few had observed at the time and that they know nowadays. If they had believed more it, today we has wireless electricity, teletransport, ships with anti-gravity, and even though to manipulate the time and space. Big Tesla!!!

Mathix2006 3 years ago

Tesla Christ?

jocksBASS 3 years ago

What a genius – the world will never see a man with his creative mind again. Ever. He should be all? of humanity’s hero for eternity. Thank you Nikola Tesla wherever you are!

JoJo1955 3 years ago

Not many know this, but Nikola Tesla also? invented the Flux Capaciter..

anticlimatic21 3 years ago

Yes, it’s high time we bring Tesla into the? light!

kraagaard 3 years ago 2

wow! Tesla, my favourite hero?

shaansm 3 years ago 2

The? World is a capacitor lets use it

Stolensharpies 3 years ago

good work, electric energy for all the world!!!?

pandasareourfriends 3 years ago

I hope to? see this soon. The story needs to be told.

AntheanCeilliers 3 years ago

well done.. when is the finished product? due out? 🙂

esaruoho 3 years ago

Book Reviews

…one of the most prolific, independent and iconoclastic inventors of this century….serious piece of scholarship. SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN

…vivid, revelatory, exhaustively researched…rescues…Tesla from cult status and restores him to his rightful place as a principal architect of the modern age…


…illuminating? biography of one of the most intriguing men of this century….a masterpiece.


obmit83 3 years ago


tesla242 3 years ago

Electrifying! Just stumbled on? this via Craigslist. 2 years ago I went to see Tesla: The Musical, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I used to live really close to where he invented wireless technology (East Village, near Houston) at least that was the legend. Looking forward to the Holloywood version.

LadyEleanorRosakitty 3 years ago

great! wish there was less drama and more science. maybe? an allusion to his autobiography.

pab6383 3 years ago

Wish… Yet drama and science was one? in Nikola Tesla, not in Edison. Old science will be over and the more real science, far brilliant and with understanding of the whole, will prevail.

tofff64 3 years ago

NO! real science will not prevail,unless people put down their “Apathy” and their “Stupidity”.until people do this “money? will always win in the end”.

myleftnutts 2 years ago

He was so brilliant JP morgan and Edison had him destroyed. His work was so afr ahead of his time the government seized all his research while he lay dead in his bead. They still have not released any of? it. I’ve known all this for a long time.

freakydill 3 years ago

Tesla? Rules!

leftofleft 3 years ago

“I loved that pigeon, as a man? loves a woman. And she loves me.”

JohnKagi 3 years ago

A? master piece!

Congrats on showing the most interesting movie on YouTube!

Debra Bassett

Debraassett 3 years ago 2

Butzopower 2 days ago

My all-time favorite inventor and source of inspiration.? The man was leagues ahead of his time.

lepoglav 4 days ago

is that american flag on? his grave!?

Nadrealis 6 days ago

Tesla is the greatest inventor? of ALL time!!!!!!!

VolksheldTV 1 week ago

Tesla most underrated genius! Free the? energy!

whatthehell81 1 week ago

Some reasons, adding to the benefit of his inventions to mankind,? that tesla is blacked out from all media or beeing portrait as a madman, is his religion, which is christian and Edison beeing a Cabbalist (=Luziferian) Free Mason, like Einstein was? a Kabbalist too and a Zionist, which are the ideal requirements for beeing praised in the elite media.

finfox82 1 week ago

rawrsaidthemouse Got that right,? i wonder, how much of our history is rewritten, and will the truth come out ever…

plumbumbox 1 week ago

FUCK? edinson

timmittens 1 week ago

Yeah, jp Morgans such a cock.?

finfox82 2 weeks ago

Very very Fascinating, how? could history overlook such a incredible legacy!!!

rawrsaidthemouse 1 week ago

@finfox82 As the saying goes, “History is written only by the victors of? war”

imaginator 2 weeks ago

Fuck? JP Morgan’s ass

amexnamedluis 2 weeks ago

So sad that this? guy is the least known great inventor

tisclas14 2 weeks ago

Nikolas Tesla? is romanian

Valentino319 2 weeks ago 2

@tisclas14 Serbian actually! Look? up on wikipedia 😉

NIKOS92BG 1 week ago 4

NO!!! Tesla is? from SERBIA!!!

2jzgtejza80 6 days ago

WRONG!!! Tesla was proud SERB from CROATIA, Smiljan.

Greetings to Beograd 🙂

If you are interested I can send you some interesting? thing about genius N.Tesla.

19dannysoccer 2 days ago

@2jzgtejza80 wrong wrong he was a? genius above all else transcending the mundane idea of nationality

2jzgtejza80 2 days ago


You don’t know nothing, I have all documents what our faculty have about him.

Read the book about Tesla, and you would see what he said:

“I’m equally proud of my Serbian origin and my Croatian homeland. Long live all Yugoslavs.”

Many people doesn’t know anything about Tesla, mostly because education system in Europe is? much better than in US.

transfoby 6 days ago

@tisclas14 hahahahaahhaha, and Chinese? as well

aussieosbourne 2 weeks ago

you mean? i could be watching youtube for free

Mauler1987 2 weeks ago

@aussieosbourne no, because the voltz would be through the stratosphere. It the generated electricity would probably operate at a fequency that would interrupt wireless internet. But electricly-free internet ?? yes.

whatthehell81 2 weeks ago 3

Some reasons, adding to the benefit of his inventions to mankind, that tesla is blacked out from all media or beeing portrait as a madman, is his religion, which is christian and? Edison beeing a Cabbalist (=Luziferian) Free Mason, like Einstein was a Kabbalist too and a Zionist, which are the ideal requirements for beeing praised in the elite media.

blakscull 2 weeks ago

Manly? tears

cloudburstlenepmhq 3 weeks ago 5

Belive it or not Free energy is real,But the Oil companies want these technologies unknown to the masses,Find the real deal, a free energy? device at LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM ,Big change is comming soon!

supermatx 3 weeks ago 3

In his deathbed, Edison claimed that his biggast mistake was not respecting Tesla or his works.To which I say: OH THE? IRONY.

ShreddyEddy8D 3 weeks ago

I think i’m going to cry :’)?

TheCrackFairy66 3 weeks ago

Why is Edison? praised and Tesla forgotten? Edison was an idiot that only discovered things by trial and error. Tesla was a genus that used his mind to discover things beyond anything Edison could have come up with.

VancouverCanucksRock 3 weeks ago

@TheCrackFairy66? Cause Einstein has a direct link to the Atom Bomb, hahaha……………….

lumpcrab 3 weeks ago

@majorkron Amen BROTHER!!! (Dave Chappelle Show? Racist Honky Voice)

1337bakon 3 weeks ago

Wow this was amazing. I had only had? brief discussion with my science teacher about Tesla but i had no idea how influential he was. Glad to be enlightened.

transfoby 4 weeks ago

Tesla was born in Croatia, of Croatian mother, and he? died as a Roman Catholic.

NudePanorama 3 weeks ago

@transfoby In that time Croatia didnt existed, his parents were serbs…and he never? was a catholic.

TheCrackFairy66 3 weeks ago

@NudePanorama who gives a shit what nationality he was. He was the greatest scientist that ever lived.?

NudePanorama 3 weeks ago

@TheCrackFairy66 You? know what?You are completely right:)

2jzgtejza80 6 days ago

It’s not called Croatia,? but it’s on Croatian ground, in country called in that time COUNTRY OF SERBIANS, CROATIANS AND SLOVENIANS.

transfoby 6 days ago

@NudePanorama Cheack it out…he requested to be burried in a Catholic St. Paul’s cathedral in New York, His mother was Catholic and Tesla? himself said that he received all of his knowledge from the Bible. He didn’t specify the verision :))

JelenaVenera 1 day ago

@transfoby not truth. His father was Orthodox priest as well as his grandpa (his mother’s dad). I agree for Bible, but do not forget not only Catholics are Christians, Bible is? holly book in Orthodox religion as well. For Orthodox Christians cathedral is not strange, we can pray there as much as in the Orthodox Church. God is one and same, for everyone. Tesla was one of the kind. He improved world equally for all people regardless of their religion. But you should not be misinformed.

transfoby 21 hours ago


SladjanaL 6 days ago

@transfoby Treba? li ti toalet papir posle ove izjave?

ThePhilips9 4 weeks ago

look back what all we get in the last 100 years,? i think relly soon they will make all unpossible possible,.. so good or bad

cyclos12 4 weeks ago


djandcj 4 weeks ago

He was not penniless. How do you die penniless in the New York Hotel… Hell he almost put JP-Morgan out of bushiness. I’d know mt Fathers whole live is based of this man… He even named? his? company after him. teslaind.com <3. He was a truly amazing man.

transfoby 4 weeks ago

@011ops Nikola Tesla was Croatian. He was born? in Croatia, and he was a devout Roman Catholic.

@transfoby Da, da… hrvat kao i 250000 proteranih i 2000 ubijenih ?????? 1995. – glavni ustaški državni praznik.

“he was a devout Roman? Catholic”… a otac mu je bio pravoslavni sveštenik.

Nemate srama! Zar nam niste dovoljno zla naneli, nego je potrebno još da se sprdaš, smrade ustaški! Jedinu vezu koju možeš na?i sa ?????? je to da ti je pra pra… pradeda bio siromh ????? i prodao veru za džak brašna, pa je on bio devout Roman? Catholic? i onda je pao još jedan džak brašna.

klaudius2005 1 month ago

he’s part? Romanian

googleisshittoss 1 month ago

I was one who never heard? of him….unbelievable

aliennextdoor 1 month ago

Wonderful summary on a brilliant and misunderstood man, much maligned? by “history”

LordoftheKaty 1 month ago 2

So J.P. Morgan, the son of a bitch who brought to America the private Federal Reserve central bank which has DESTROYED our wealth and made us into debt slaves and has redistributed our wealth to these banksters like Morgan is also the one destroyed the great Nikola Tesla, the greatest inventor in the history of man kind!!!! I hope Morgan is enjoying his stay in hell as the devil rapes his ass each night! Long live the legacy of Tesla!?

vaheedh 1 month ago

did? he die a virgin?

insightllc 1 month ago

@mrrxproductions I am Nikola Tesla. I own you epic punk. Tesla made? earthquakes. For real. Guess how I know cunt?

MrRxProductions 1 month ago

Nikola Tesla was the most or greatest inventor noone even the man who created? light bulb TAE whos just into fame and money can replace the man of electricity!!!

vaheedh 1 month ago


googleisshittoss 1 month ago

@vaheedh slightly incorrect

The ‘Love’ of money,? is the root of all evil 🙂

vaheedh 1 month ago


dear god, what will become of the beutiful planet earth a thousand years from now.

vaheedh 1 month ago




urosradenkovic 1 month ago

If Tesla was German, English? or American.. They would not try to make the world forget his name

ChristineTeo17 1 month ago

Yes, Tesla? was the Da Vinci of our time. Unfortunately, evil illuminati Morgan was to change this course of history. And evil Uncle Ernie (Sam’s evil twin) had silence the world of the rest of the Tesla secrets.

Custardpictures 1 month ago

So, did he finnish Wardenclyff, but it failed,? or what?

2000everett4 1 month ago

Twelve years ago, a friend told me that Nikola Tesla was this great inventor, and I said I never heard of him or anything he’s invented. Then my friend spat out a laundry list of Telsa’s inventions and I have been a fan ever since. I’m always sorry to see how Greed wins out every time even when someone is just trying to help the world? become a better place. It’s kinda sad.

Susigkeiten 1 month ago

…and having? run out of characters for my comment, I will just say that the comment by “TheOuterMost” deserves to be on top.

Susigkeiten 1 month ago

Having grown up in the US and gone to public schools (which I do have reasons to be thankful for and I realize that), I now wish that there were some way that we could correct the history books. Mr. Tesla’s life and work, and the truth about what happened to the indigenous peoples of what is now the US, Canada and Mexico (Central America too, I guess) are the first things? that I believe need correcting. I’m running out of characters for this comment.

what a great man, im? sure one day all of man will know his name just as all of man benefits from his technology today.

urosradenkovic 1 month ago

Nikola Tesla is one of the few names who make me proud as Serb! Serbs – nation from in east Europe that was between east and west, between Ottoman empire and western civilization.. the reason why i type this is that Tesla’s family was all Orthodox priests a solders against Muslims… and that is what we Serbs was and what we will be.. America, don’t forget? that..

Davori 1 month ago

@urosradenkovic You are retarded. In the literal sense. You’re bringing religion into a realm where it has no place, Tesla was an atheist.

The? reason the Balkans will not be a unified peaceful place in generations to come is because of primitive simpletons like yourself. Fuck you.

urosradenkovic 1 month ago

@Davori Who you thing you are ? Tesla get his first education in monastery near his village! The reason that Balkans will not be a unified peaceful place is? that assholes like your self are acting to demolished everything that is Serbian in last century. (i da ti nešto kažem na srpskom, ako razumeš – uvuci se u rupu iz koje si ispuzao, Tesla Srbin i srpskoga roda iz popovske familije i tu istorijsku ?injenicu ne možete da promenite.. i prekini da provociras i psujes po internetu).

Davori 1 month ago

@urosradenkovic Naravno da razumijem 😉

I personally couldn’t give a shit if Tesla was from Ukraine,? Rwanda or the UK, nationality is so unimportant. And here you are talking about Serbian soldiers fighting the ‘Muslims’. What is wrong with you? Do you not know of the atrocities that occured during the war because of these mentalities? Srebrenica?…

You’re trying to bring religion into discussion about a great Scientist, an atheist one. You come across as not only bigoted, but primitive.

urosradenkovic 1 month ago

@Davori I bring on religion because that is one of fact that make us Serbs who we was and who we are, now a days more than half of croats that are roman Catholics, was Orthodox Serbs that change their believing.. You mentioned Srebrnica, but you? did not mentioned operation Oluja – the biggest ethnic cleansing in 20th century when croat army banish 800.000 non croats from Krajna.. and lets us get back to the previous post… we serbs are one who are make this balkans unstable..

Davori 1 month ago

@urosradenkovic I said people like you, not Serbs? as a whole. Tarring with one brush rarely works right?

Oluja is not even comparable with Srebrenica… Oluja was recapture of occupied territory, Srebrenica was systematic murder of Muslims in a death camp.

I feel like I’m wasting my keyboard needlessly discussing anything further with you.

The changing of religions just goes to show how strong people’s belief really is right? Why not die for your faith/beliefs if there is a heaven?? Dosta.

urosradenkovic 1 month ago

@Davori Rude and lieing people like you, not all croats are trying to present that Oluja was recapture of occupied territory.. in that area serbs been living in 3-4 centuries … so you decided that is recapture by ethnic clean 800.000 people!? You are talking about? dead camps? Croat people like you (not all nation) murder more than 1 milion non croats only in Jasenovac.. so cut the crap!

I dont think that people like you belive in god. So shut the fuck up and go to the mouse hole..

Davori 1 month ago

@urosradenkovic I never said that Oluja was done right, it wasn’t.? Not many war movements etc that I can think of have been. And yes Serbs were moved out, which is damn wrong too. Why were they moved out? Because of their religion right? So what I’m ultimately coming back to yet again is the fact that religion is causing most if not all of the imbalances in the Balkans (other places too,look at Israel/Palestine, USA/Muslim-countries). p.s Fuck Ustase… Cetnike… and the rest.

insightllc 1 month ago



insightllc 1 month ago

@Davori Guess why the number 27 was so important?

To Nikola Tesla?

June 15, 1896

27,000 DEAD!

On a day divisible by 3,

In a month divisible by 3,

In? a year divisible by 3.

Guess what else?

Davori 1 month ago

@insightllc Tesla had three testicles?

Wow you? have completely opened my eyes…

insightllc 1 month ago


jreaper5000000 1 week ago

@Davori nikola tesla was not an athiest , he was a big believer of budhism, look it? up.

jreaper5000000 1 week ago

@Davori hahaha tesla was not an athiest he was in to budhism, look it up. he believed that budhism was the closest thing to god. he used to go? to the speeches all the time.

BasementBeginnings 1 month ago 26

Tesla is my idol. He just tried to make the? world a better place, but US government interfered.

ugojan64 2 weeks ago

@BasementBeginnings I’m sure that you already know this, but he’s the? Ranger in Curious George the cartoon….. the monkey is George Sheriff. Brilliant Man….Tesla.

SkiGreek 1 month ago

at least 154,262 people know? the truth now

Bugattiman1011 1 month ago

@SkiGreek and for some strange? reason 12 dislike it…

SkiGreek 1 month ago

Tesla Tesla Tesla?

kelloggcerealxoxo 1 month ago

Eastern Euros have created some fine geniuses, Mendeleyev, Shostakovitch, Curie, Kasparov.

I? hope Eastern Europe would hold on to its heritage and resist against globalism unlike the declining west.

MajaManUtdSerbia 1 month ago

its shame that half of world doesnt know who is Nikola Tesla, and he is one of the most important scientists ever.”I`m proud on my Croatian fatherland,? and on my Serbian blood”

srpkinjamala 1 month ago

@MajaManUtdSerbia to je hrvatska propaganda to on nikad nije rekao.. u to vreme hrvatska kao drzava? nije ni postojala!!! on je reko da je ponosan sto je Srbin..thats all!! ako ga vole sto su mu kucu palili 2 puta i poklali sve zivo?? nemoj vjerovati tu propagandu!

Xeno8345 1 month ago

Tesla didn’t invent all time, you dumbasses.?

domacin1 1 month ago 4

Best scientist of? all time!!!!!!!

kingkuts 1 month ago

we as people never change ,.the good seldom prevail..just spinning on a ball of? water .

argangediv 1 month ago

Tesla? has not been forgotten. Nikola Tesla was and will always be a true pioneer. Not many people in the world have a mind like his. A truly great man vastly better than the “elephant killer” Edison! A shame he is not getting more recognition.

Armageddon360 1 month ago

I myself am studying Electrical/Electronics Engineering and Nikola Tesla was a great inventor. Its sad how many scientists took his credit. Nikola Tesla, if it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be advanced in technology like we? are today.

j10betty 1 month ago

this would make a great movie about his life. people need to wake up make a change on how we survive these days. we dont need the energy companies to control us and rob us. there is so much lost inventions even from ancient times? that would change the face of the earth. we need to keep digging and push for cheaper and limitless energy so that Nikola’s dreams become a reality

MrKovlad 1 month ago

Can someone please wipe out? J.P.Morgan & Associates? Anyone?

argangediv 1 month ago

@MrKovlad They are doing it themselves. Or at? least making the name one of shame.

uberbigbread 1 month ago 11


IIBannHammerII 1 month ago

only if he? was smart enough to build all those things in Serbia for Serbians,i dont know where would we end up…we would be like japanese + chinese + russians + americans…

lslavychecker 1 month ago


WordLuka 1 month ago

I am proud to? be the same nationality as him ( a Serb ) !!!

insightllc 2 months ago

@4583666 Well douchenozzle you named your son after the guy who made the very first Weapon of Mass Destructuon. Nikola Tesla made earthquakes, tsunami, avalanches and volcanoes for 27 straight days in 1899. It is nat a theory. It is a fact. Take it to the bank. Bet the farm. He killed millons of fish that month? too.

Davori 1 month ago

@insightllc Please get off the internet. If you’re? so against Tesla, please refrain from using A.C current, electric-motor operated items, remote controlled items etc etc yada yada. I suppose you could live in a cave and light a candle?

insightllc 1 month ago

@Davori Shut your mouth. I AM TESLA BITCH. You can’t read his message. I CAN. You are blind, deaf dumb & lame. Tesla made earthquakes, many of them. WIRELESS TRANSMISSION OF POWER? WTF DO YOU THINK THAT MEANS? DUH! TESLA MADE SO MANE SEISMIC EVENTS THAT HE DIDN’T EVEN CONSIDER THEM UNLESS THE DAY? WAS DIVISIBLE BY THREE, IN A MONTH DIVISIBLE BY THREE, IN A YEAR DIVISIBLE BY THREE. Watch… September 3, 1899… I’ll go further 3:03:27 pm epicenter time. Hour, Minute & second too Divisible by 3

Curazalenox 1 month ago

@insightllc Wow! I want to learn more may I ask you to please share your knowledge!! please!! I want not? to be blind and ignorant like the rest I am all ears!

Curazalenox 1 month ago

@insightllc Wow! I want to learn more may I ask you to please share your knowledge!! please!! I want? not to be blind and ignorant like the rest I am all ears!

insightllc 1 month ago

@Curazalenox Yes, Nikola Tesla caused a bunch of earthquakes developing a? weapon of mass destruction that was financed by J.P Morgan. Reads straight out of Revelation cause Tesla was fuckin wicked like that and thought it through. – Tesla made earthquakes

MrRxProductions 1 month ago



4583666 2 months ago 3

I named my son after him .?

1stTrillionaire 2 months ago

@4583666 that’s the coolest thing eva. did u name him nikola or tesla or both??

nenya 2 months ago

What soundtrack is playing for the first part?? Sounds familiar.

dsmtsi 2 months ago

Where is the whole video? I saw it before on the web and wanted to show? a friend, but now I can’t find it. All the links above are either suspended or private.

Anyone that knows where the whole video is it would be much appreciated. thx.

Yedgarian 2 months ago 43

Thomas Edison.. another troll after fame and money.. truth comes? out in the end

dzonson1000 2 months ago

genije? nema sumnje.serbian

insightllc 2 months ago

Tesla made earthquakes 111 years ago today. ?

insightllc 2 months ago

@cambell1308 Shut your mouth. Everything? I’ve stated is fact. Tesla made earthquake no. 333 on September 3 at 3:03 pm epicenter time in 1899. 3h 03m 27s – 3h 03m 28s THAT IS WHY HE DIED IN ROOM #3327 – #3328 -Tesla made earthquakes in 1899

hulllewis0817 2 months ago 2

wireless power?? holy crap? ,amazing FU jp morgan

Aznorok 2 months ago

Wow I was? never taught about Nikola, he seems pretty interesting.

I’l be sure to research him some more 😀

thebluedragon07 2 months ago 2

its to bad that we can’t? continue his work, because of the barriers of greed is blocking that ideal, that wondrous future of a united world.

Stranac88 2 months ago 32

As a Serb, I’m so proud? of our Nikola Tesla!

Davori 1 month ago

@Stranac88 As a Croatian, but more importantly, as a human, I am? also.

1cbkilla 2 months ago

know the real history, know that? you don’t know

peegee42 2 months ago 5

it’s dark at night? well, let’s light up the sky!

africa needs power? let’s fax them some!

electrified? earth? no biggie, we’ll just plug into the sun! :))

only tesla could think this way.. truly a great mind!

abby495 2 months ago 4

Fuck JP Morgan.?

MopDMTBARTL 2 months ago

to understand why all? of this has been suppressed, go here:

truthknowledge. com

65165115 2 months ago


420DEADGIRL 2 months ago

we would be off fossil fuel only if our government listened? to him then!!! imagine all the things we could be doing instead of waiting on this rock!!! omg!!!

SlimBertus 2 months ago 3

Tesla was the best scientist ever, he did everything with out arrogance he wanted to help the human race. Free energy was for every one, and? not to sell it to become rich and famous. He made his inventions to enlighten and lift the human race to something higher, all this BS about wealth, possessions and cheap crap that is designed to breakdown so more profit can be made. And all the time destroying and pillaging the planet. fuck every thing could have been so different.

brainsells3000 2 months ago

I think you should read My Inventions by Nikola Tesla. The tower was torn down because it was too far ahead of it’s time. Peace has? to come first. The

United States Federal Government has the technology to do this. He turned it all over to them before he died.

brainsells3000 2 months ago

Dukk96 2 months ago

@brainsells3000 some fucker morgana guy finnanced teslas wireless tower

it could bring free? electricity to every man on this fucked up planet

but morgana wanted money……….so he destroyed the greates invention of all time

just imagine what could we do with WIRELESS ELECTRICITY!!!!!!

Dragonited 2 months ago

@brainsells3000 No the US goverment seized all of Teslas work when he died. It took several years for friends and family to get hold of some of his research and belongings. Most of the research however is still classified and have never been relese from the US goverment.

Yes his ideas was? a little before his time and his ideas of free wireless electricity was working in theory but he never got founding for it. Today it would destroy the electric companies since they can’t charge for free energy.

NewDawgg 2 months ago 2

12 Tom Edisons disliked this video.?

Akleptose 2 months ago 3

the future is his!!!! why do other scientist stole it?! why?!!!!!

since i know the truth right now,i? am so angry!!!!!

i feel it is very unfair and fuck the scientist that steal tesla idea!!!!

ZeranZeran 2 months ago

Why aren’t scientists and engineers copying his designs today? I think if we? could build something like that it would eventually lead to world peace.

bsod4u2 2 months ago

@ZeranZeran Tesla was well beyond the average scientist or engineer, well beyond. How many have had the impact he had on our world…NOBODY even compares.

All you learn in the brain wash schools is Einstein, him again and again. His work is profound but has not changed the world much. Later it may prove of greater importance. However Tesla changed out WORLD during his living and after TOTALLY? ! Tesla is THE MAN each school should teach about, his contributions cannot be debated.

skateVA90 2 months ago

The 12 dislikes? are people who loving spending there money on energy

mikeymileos 2 months ago

I’ve heard of Nicola Tesla.?

KathyReedTheOriginal 2 months ago

Nikola! My? hero!

insightllc 2 months ago

Tesla made an earthquake at Yakutat Bay, Alaska in 1899 on September 3rd at 3h 3m 27s – 3h 3m 28s Epicenter time. That is why he spent his last ten years and died in Room #3327 – Room #3328 in The Hotel New Yorker & the reason? he was obsessed with the number 3. It is the secret behind the Scottish Rite “ritual” of the Freemason 33rd degree. It was earthquake British Association No. 333 on September 3 at 3:03 p.m. Epicenter Time in 1899.? It lasted 27 days.

77syzygy 2 months ago 8


4583666 2 months ago

thanks? for info.

insightllc 2 months ago

@serbia ?????? ?? ?? ????? ?????? @ ????? @ ???-@ @ ???? “??? @ @ ???-???-1899 ??????? ????? 3. ????????? 1899 3? 3? 27? – 3? 3? 28? ?????? ??? ?????? ???? # 3327? – # 3328 – ??????? ????? ????? 33. ??????? ??” ?????? ????? ” ????????? ????????? ??????????? ?????? ???? 333 3. ????????? ? 3:03 ???? ?? ???? ???? ?? ?????? ?????????? ??? “?????? 33. ???????”. ???? ?? ????? ???????? ????? ?? ????? ?? ??????? ??????????? ? 1899. ?? ???. ???? ??????.

Zizanp 2 months ago 2



@Zizanp You want the real story? @MSNBC @CBS @FOX @ABC @CBS @BBC ?? 1899 Yakutat Bay September 3rd, 1899? 3h 3m 27s – 3h 3m 28s Hotel New Yorker Room #3327 – #3328 – The Scottish Rite? Secret of the 33rd degree is Nikola Tesla’s Earthquake British Association Record No. 333 on September 3 at 3:03 p.m. That is why Mark Twain referred to major douchebags as “Idiots of the? 33rd degree”. He knew his friend Tesla made? one for the Harriman Expedition in 1899. I WIN. BE TRUE.

SAMHAiiiN 2 months ago

Nikola? Tesla was far ahead of its time… and Edison is a manipulator and a thief…

insightllc 2 months ago

@MeinKampf007 You want? the real story? @MSNBC @CBS @FOX @ABC @CBS @BBC ? 1899 Yakutat Bay September 3rd, 1899? 3h 3m 27s – 3h 3m 28s Hotel New Yorker Room #3327 – #3328 – The Scottish Rite? Secret of the 33rd degree is Nikola Tesla’s Earthquake British Association Record No. 333 on September 3 at 3:03 p.m. That is why Mark Twain referred to major douchebags as “Idiots of the? 33rd degree”. He knew his friend Tesla made? one for the Harriman Expedition in 1899. I WIN. BE TRUE.

didikakanell 2 months ago 2

I don’t care where he’s from, but am sure he is bigger than Jesus!?

milokliz1 2 months ago

As far as claims of some Croats on Tesla’s nationality, I will only post this link testifying what the Croats did to his? family and relatives in WW2 (and repeated in the 1990s) solely for them being Serbians: cp13DOTheritagewebdesignDOTcom­/~lituchy/victim_searchDOTphp?­field=lastname&searchtype=equa­ls&data=TESLA &page=50&limit=50&order=lnup

In the 1990’s Croats burned down to the ground the museum-house in the village of Smiljane in which Tesla was born.

milokliz1 2 months ago

@milokliz1 I see limitations on posting a? link so please just visit this webiste: cp13DOTheritagewebdesignDOTcom­/~lituchy/indexDOTphp

and under the “Victim lists” type in last name “Tesla”. Croats spared no Tesla elderly nor women nor even 2yr old children.

milokliz1 2 months ago

Without any doubt he is one of or maybe THE greatest scientist of the? last 200 years of mankind. To this day his ideas loom over the world scientific community, still far mire advanced than what they can grapple with. That surely amazes!

UFOdisclosure1 3 months ago

“He spoke with ghosts from his past”…maybe extraterrestrials, who knows. Apparently he even had plans to? build UFOs.

PestPolice 3 months ago

Tesla is possible for us all.

TheOuterMost 3 months ago 77

A goddamn tragedy. Schools and schools teaching history written by the victors, being taught to us all, and we have to find out about a true pioneer and creator all on our own. We definitely took a left? at the crossroads and abandoned Tesla on the right. We left behind a possible better future for ourselves. Yet we still come across the names JP.Morgan&associates and the evil Con-Ed. I will clench my electric bills tightly always and think what could’ve been. I’ll remember Nikola Tesla.

fabianelias 3 months ago

@TheOuterMost Bravo mate!?

@TheOuterMost I agree and the same way the greeks stole from Egyptians? and greeks are given credit. A goddamn shame how the education system is setup.

Consumerofknowledge 1 month ago

@TheOuterMost? A sad, sad tale. Long forgotten thanks to “evil”.

insightllc 1 month ago

@TheOuterMost Tesla behauptet, dass in? ein paar Wochen konnte er die Erdkruste in einem solchen Zustand der Schwingung, dass sie steigen und fallen würden Hunderte von Füßen und praktisch zerstören Zivilisation. Eine Fortsetzung dieses Prozesses würde, sagt er, schließlich teilen die Erde in zwei Teile. “Tesla Erdbeben in Japan auf 15. Juni 1896 in Alaska auf 3. September 1899 und Tunguska auf 30. Juni 1908.

AndyFlash0f 3 months ago

omfg,fucking thefters,NIKOLA TESLA aka NICOLAE? DRAGHICI was 100% romanian!!!

trisamalaivanca 3 months ago

@AndyFlash0f Cuj owog?

kakashirel2 3 months ago

edison has stole? tesla’s experiments!!!

0NEVERHIDE0 3 months ago

tesla? was the electric jesus.

0NEVERHIDE0 3 months ago

lonewatchman 3 months ago

SAINT!? Nikola Tesla

trisamalaivanca 3 months ago

He is pride of Serbia ….and Croatian says he? is a Croatian …but he is not!!!!!


Da nije izmislio struju mi bi smo gledali TV u mraku

kakashirel2 3 months ago

@trisamalaivanca ajde sta glumis molim te..

da je ro?en u srbiji bio bi srbin..ali? je ro?en u hrvatskoj zato je hrvat i ponosi se srpskim korijenima.. nemoj mijenjati pricu!

trisamalaivanca 3 months ago

@kakashirel2 Ne zelim da se svadjam i da svakih 5 min komentarisem ali nije hrvat….nego srbin pitaj bilo koga ko se malo vise razume u istoriju ili geografiju tj? neko obrazovano lice on je Srbin….samo sto vi kazete da je hrvat

trisamalaivanca 3 months ago

@kakashirel2 eee da evo ti jos nesto malo majka mu je bila Srpkinja a otac srbin Svestenik i sad on moze da bude hrvat ewo ti sa wikipedie:

Nikola Tesla (Serbian: ?????? ?????; 10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943) was an inventor, mechanical engineer, and electrical engineer. He was an important contributor to the birth of commercial electricity, and is best known for his many revolutionary developments in the field of electromagnetism in? the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

kakashirel2 3 months ago

@trisamalaivanca dobro? nezelim ulazit sad u diskusije neke..meni je onako i ovako svjedeno.. zahvalan sam mu i tocka..

LCF88BG 2 months ago

@kakashirel2 I ja sam se rodio 20 km od njegovog sela pa znam da sam srbin kao sto? je i on znao tako da ne seri previse

LCF88BG 2 months ago

Can you imagine where we would be if there was no? Nikola Tesla. Serbia remains forever gratefull to him.

99davinci 3 months ago

I hear that man ? IQ is 230

fizban1977 3 months ago

While Tesla’s IQ is not known, it? is safe to say that he was the most brilliant man of his time. Tesla was very firm what he believed in, and what he saw as completely wrong, as I show in the video on my channel. Tesla was villianized as early as the very first Superman cartoon, all because he fought to bring better living conditions to the entire world, rather then a select few.

jacobtb1 3 months ago 3

i love this. guy.? he deserved so much more.

Frantzu 3 months ago 21

You’re ganna tell me America was not built by Immigrants? This is proof? right there!

nanotech2080 2 months ago

@Frantzu True americans – indians. Europeans started living there after discovering it. America is? something like a European colony. And then ofc people from all around the world went to live there.

croatinho 3 months ago

Nikola949 Croats are even more proud then you are.Because he was born in? Croatia and spent whole of his life in Croatia..Just like Chopin was French but he was born in Poland nad you will hear on news that he was Polish composer…byeeee

croatinho 3 months ago

Bang4URBux 3 months ago

@croatinho how did he spend his whole life? in croatia when he migrated to the states

tanja0018 3 months ago

@croatinho Kao i obi?no neobrazovani tzv. Hrvat šta god to zna?ilo. Hrvati, on je ro?en u Austro’-ugarskoj. Ta? vaša kifla od države nije ni postojala.

SkyHits2010 3 months ago

Totally awsome? person.

videotitan1 3 months ago

Historians should be Ashamed by lying to many of us that Thomas Edison was the inventor and credited to himself many Tesla inventions, Nikola Tesla was the real inventor and Edison an Impostor who copy his ideas and projects. JP Morgan was and? still is a the filthy little Rat of Money Laudry.

iTzPsychoX 3 months ago

I did a report about this man, in 4th grade. And my teacher had no idea who he was. She thought he was a fictonal character… And she spelt his name, “NIckole Tesslea”..

He invented :

The motor

The radio

Icandecsent light bulbs.

And many other things. I mean really, for modern day teachers, to NOT? know who this man is, is completely stupifying.

gigimanjo 3 months ago

It’s fine if you are proud that Tesla was Serbian,but think outside the box…Tesla was one of the greatest humans ever lived on Earth and can not be put in any category or compared with almost anyone else, living or dead. I am trying to educate people about him, any opportunity? I got.

tbonedj1962 3 months ago

Tesla was perhaps the greatest inventive mind ever. Every place you turn in our modern world you encounter devices based on his ideas or inventions. Check out the Tesla Museum & see some of his original? works.

0311jonesy 3 months ago

Tesla was a genius and a great man. A mind like his is found once in a generation, if we’re lucky. ?

strebo55 3 months ago

nikola tesla parents where serbians but he? was croatian

mikitymike 3 months ago

@strebo55 so if my parents were french, but I was born in Japan, would? I be japanese?

ZivelaSrbijaCCCC 3 months ago

@strebo55 what kind of a stupid idiot are you if you say his parents were serbian and the you say he was croatian?! WTF you moron he was raised as serbian orthodox mther djuka father milutin!!!serbs not? croats

kenzeus 3 months ago

Einstein is overrated as been the man of the century compared to Telsa.

Telsa deserves? more that title.

nemanja740 3 months ago

this? is why i love being serbian..

qsefm 3 months ago

Very proud to be serb? when i see what tesla invented and i’m very sad becouse a lot of people don’t know for Tesla and when we all look at tv at computer we now that Tesla made that

Sandzak95 3 months ago

As a muslim from serbian part i very proud to know? that a man like him made those things. Also he didn’t want to have money instead he wanted the best for humanity and those money he got, it was not for him instead for his inventions. Edison is a false inventor and a false human being..

Sandzak95 3 months ago

009jorge1 3 months ago

Impossible he? created robotics, Leonardo da vinci invented the first robot.

kenzeus 3 months ago @009jorge1

But Da vinci robot was a mechanical version

Telsa was a? modern version that uses energy like battery or energy.

rayrc10 3 months ago

man he got screwed?

agibbons116 3 months ago 2

The? world was not ready.

mmagar5754 3 months ago 2

If he were not Orthodox Christian, he would have been remembered . . . much like the first man to fly, Alberto Santos-Dumont, who was Brazilian from Minas? Gerais. It’s all about who “writes” history, not who actually make history . . .

cheetoGod 3 months ago

People always think good will win in the end, but look throughout history and you’ll see the most powerful men in history all did things that are fucking pure evil all for greed and power. Myself being an? American it fucking sucks to know what my country is doing to the world, please don’t hate us all.

TourettesSomething 3 months ago

@cheetoGod 75-95% of the universe has? been proven to be made of dark matter and dark energy!

Nikola949 3 months ago 35

Nikola Tesla invented? electricity he is pride of Serbia!

grozni91 3 months ago

@Nikola949 Nikola Tesla is Croatian?

Bang4URBux 3 months ago

@grozni91 yeah right , his father was a serbian priest, so that makes u a? serb too, now fuck off hrvat, all u have is those facsist pigs pavlovich & tudjman to claim, join there page on facebook

Bang4URBux 3 months ago

@grozni91 his father was a serbian priest, so i guess that makes u a serb too,any croats claim to fame should be associated with those facsists pigs pavlovic & tudjman,but if u want? to call yourself serb thats fine with me,we dont discriminate serb all the way

NJRocks281 2 months ago

Electricity is a force of nature nobody invented it? you fuckin retard

bsod4u2 2 months ago

@NJRocks281 If he was on your level? the world would be not too far from a cave!

Tesla inventions harness electricity and exploit it so manking may grow. Tesla is a giant among all time greats. Nobody can deny this fact. Only clowns who have zero


NJRocks281 2 months ago

I know a lot more about Tesla than you do you loud mouthed baboon. I simply said that this video made it seem like Marconi sent the first transatlantic radio signal after Wardencliff was taken? down, which in reality is the reason why it was taken down. JP Morgan viewed it as a failed investment since Marconi did it first. Tesla didn’t do it first so in his mind he failed to deliver. That is what bankers think about, investments. Try reading about the great man Tesla.

NJRocks281 2 months ago

You talk of Tesla as if your in a cult like following of his if you were actually a fan you’d do best to actually learn about his accomplishments and? defeats. Wardencliff was slipping further and further out of direction and purpose. If it could actually deliver Free Energy Morgan would go nuts over it because you can indeed put a meter on such a thing and you can make huge profits over tower construction throughout the world. It was scrapped because it was a failed radio tower, simple as that.


@NJRocks281 You want the real story? @MSNBC @CBS @FOX @ABC @CBS @BBC ? 1899 Yakutat Bay September 3rd, 1899? 3h 3m 27s – 3h 3m 28s Hotel New Yorker Room #3327 – #3328 – The Scottish Rite? Secret of the 33rd degree is Nikola Tesla’s Earthquake British Association Record No. 333 on September 3 at 3:03 p.m. That is why Mark Twain? referred to major douchebags as “Idiots of the? 33rd degree”. He knew his friend Tesla made? one for the Harriman Expedition in 1899. I WIN. BE TRUE.

NJRocks281 2 months ago

Tesla? no doubt did more to uplift the human condition that any person in the 20th century, but he should be studied properly like any other historical figure.

bsod4u2 2 months ago

@Nikola949? Nikola Tesla invented much much more. He was a pioneer,a visionary a MAVERICK is the4re ever was one!

Tesla is the epitome of mad genius so far beyond other scientists and fellow humans…it is scary!

And he was cheated by some worthless parasites called business bastards, who are zeros compared to his greatness.

topbluffa1 2 months ago 2

he discovered it not invented, said? so himself.

insightllc 2 months ago

@topbluffa1 You want the real story? @MSNBC @CBS @FOX? @ABC @CBS @BBC ? 1899 Yakutat Bay September 3rd, 1899? 3h 3m 27s – 3h 3m 28s Hotel New Yorker Room #3327 – #3328 – The Scottish Rite? Secret of the 33rd degree is Nikola Tesla’s Earthquake British Association Record No. 333 on September 3 at 3:03 p.m. That is why Mark Twain referred to major douchebags as “Idiots of the? 33rd degree”. He knew his friend Tesla made? one for the Harriman Expedition in 1899. I WIN. BE TRUE.

e521soediv 2 months ago

@Nikola949 Nikola did? not invent electricity, you dont invent electricity, it already exists, its like saying I invented fire, fire already exists, maybe you just discovered how to use it and bring it out.

zupebiogradske 2 months ago

@Nikola949 he was? orthodox but never serbian

Nikola949 2 months ago

@zupebiogradske sta bre seres kako nije srbin ae ne? kaki

makiniki99 2 months ago


bertly71 3 months ago

Tesla did get the shot end of? the stick. He was a brilliant man.

Dabali 3 months ago

SANTOS DRUMONTwas the? first man to fly………a brasilian

baffinislandbastard 3 months ago

What?! Corporate America screwed somebody over?! This is unbelievable. And Hoover was doing shady activities?! What is going on? America? could be so much better if people actually ran the government instead of the wealthy.

wasguan 3 months ago

also someone? should restart wardencliff!

wasguan 3 months ago 3

we need a new? Nikola Tesla!

RoyalRamirez 3 months ago

@wasguan between floridating the water, chemtrails in the sky, and tevision dumbing down the masses that would probably? never happen.

wasguan 3 months ago

@RoyalRamirez well I wouldnt say never. certainly not at? the moment. but I doubt that stuff will be going on forever. and as soon as it stops.. free electricity for everyone.. sounds like a good idea to me.. lo;

RoyalRamirez 3 months ago

@wasguan true, most likely not in? our lifetime but the first step in achieving the impossible is dreaming of the future.

cybergeek100 3 months ago

Nikola Tesla – the? greatest Inventor

NeoShiffer 4 months ago

Most important man of the 20th century: Nikola Tesla. One day we? might catch up with him.

bossoholic 4 months ago

Marconi stole 17 of? Teslas inventions for that

NeoShiffer 4 months ago

Nikola Tesla is one of my heroes and? by far the greatest inventor of the 20th century!

jedicaptain41 4 months ago

In? my opinion he was the last great inventor the world has seen (at least some). He is the king of electricity, no doubt about that. I would definitely rank in the top 5 inventors of all time. Will we ever see another Telsa again ?

ColonelHate 4 months ago 4

In the U.S. we have an electric? company called Edison that uses nothing but Tesla’s inventions to supply electricity.


4 months ago

lets make july? 10th an official holiday to celebrate & thank the greatest technical mind, that of Mr Nikola Tesla.

dega123 4 months ago

Happy? Birthday Mr.Legend

BohAraki 4 months ago

Happy Birthday,? Nikola Tesla

marijacetnik 4 months ago

Celebrate the birth day of one the greatest minds of our time! Nikola Tesla will not be forgotten. The future,? is what he really worked for and the future will be his

pedro702lv 4 months ago

in czech republic? they have tv’s and radio’s named tesla

ApolloMP 4 months ago 3

He could be born on Mars but he? is still Serb. And as he said:

“Present belongs to them, and the future for which I do, belongs to me“ And he was right ! Future (and this day) belongs to HIM ! And only to HIM

yescamotamarijuana 4 months ago

A la verga lo que no sirve andeles vamonos pinches? mecos.

9innail 4 months ago

wow, this? made me cry.

@Wizard7AlchemyPoet Amen.?

purpleblake 4 months ago

Still waiting for the? free energy

Chaos13thss 4 months ago

Nikola Tesla was a great inventor. As an engineer, I would surely enjoy? a conversation with the man. The man was ahead of his time.

XenolithExtremeProd 4 months ago

Time for? Truth!!!

nikiss8 4 months ago

Somehow reminds me? of Bobby Fischer???

Nemod6989 4 months ago 16

Man, J.P. Morgan is a dick. All about the corporate greed. If he would’ve just stuck with Tesla and ignored his greed, Humanity would be so much further ahead.

Wow. I can’t even imagine what ? Tesla went through. Amazing.

It’s a shame all the schools teach Thomas Edison when Nikola Tesla was decades if not centuries ahead of him.

insightllc 3 months ago


USpaladin 3 months ago


Morgan was keyed in to Seshemet, the old rule of the secret society? bloodlines. Educated, intelligent, skeptical people are harder to predict, control, and market to. That’s why we have industrial waste like flouride in our water and why we recieve substandard, divisive schooling by the state to seperate us from the previous? generation and slowly bring us under the influence of governments and the corporations that own them. Just consider for a moment, does this sound true to you?

sanakym 4 months ago 3

NIkola Tesla is pure Serb from Serbian family born in Austro-Hungaria. He claimed himself as a Serb always. So you can just die in hatred, that is? all you got.

thetrashsmasher 4 months ago

@sanakym “ponosim se srpskim rodom i hrvatskom domovinom” ne zaboravi na to =D

kako god se okrenulo, bio je veli?anstven ?ovjek i nesmijemo dozvolit da bude? anonimac u današnjoj svjetskoj povijesti.

sanakym 4 months ago

@thetrashsmasher Dakako da ne smemo dozvoliti, ali nema tu sta da se okrece ili ne posto se covek zaista ponosio srpstvom. Sigurno si cuo i njegove ostale izjave koje to potvrdjuju. Znam i za ovu izjavu, ali da li znas u kom kontekstu je data? To je napisao u otpozdravnom pismu Maceku, sto dosta govori o okolnostima u kojima ja data. Nikola Tesla ja stvarno bio dobar covek i zeleo je dobro svima i celom svetu, a narocito svom rodu kao i mestu gde je ziveo i rastao.?

thetrashsmasher 4 months ago

@sanakym slažem se u svemu sa vama… ali mislim da bi se mi Hrvati i Srbi trebali prestat ka?it oko toga koje je nacionalsnoti. ?injenica je da je Tesla bio Srbin ro?en u Hrvatskoj, oko toga se niti ne treba? raspravljat jer je to neupitno. Jel tako =D Ali to nije ono po ?emu bi Nikola trebao biti pam?en, ve? njegova djela… nadam se da da ?ete se svi složit samnom =D

ApolloMP 4 months ago

@thetrashsmasher Upravo tako Srbin rodjen u Hrvatskoj. Niko od Srba ne osporava da je rodjen u Hrvatskoj, ali mnogi Hrvati osporavaju da je on Srbin. E to je problem ali svi? znamo istinu. . .pozzz

wadscardear 4 months ago

@thetrashsmasher hvala google prevoditelj za. moj prijatelj, te mogao biti više to?na. svijet je kao mali kao laptop i ljudi su realizirati da su sredstva za mir? i trgovinu, bez pohlepe, korupcije i manipulacije. sa slomljenim srcem i vidjeti moje usa brzo postati carstvo napadan kriv za te zlo?ine. ali danas je slavlje najve?i suvremeni um. Hvala i ljubiti zahvalnost za vas, g. Nikola Tesla. to je budu?nost i da se do?e zaista ne pripada vama.

tetrisclock 4 months ago

Thomas Edison? was a haaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

djo0zla 4 months ago 2

A lot of patterns he left and these ‘sciencests’ can’t even solve it… Long live NIKOLA? TESLA!

Mekdoc777 4 months ago 3

He is the greatest inventor I have seen. Electricity is something essential in America and the other “Greats”. Without his brilliance we would probably still be in? the dark-er ages.

Jahan917 4 months ago 3

It’s always the way that his last moments were spent that makes me sad, he didn’t? deserve for it to happen to him

gepardcroat 4 months ago


we do not like to be mixed with them.

and? you didnt mention that he was born in Smiljan nearby Gospic THAT IS IN CROATIA!!!!

gepardcroat 4 months ago


we do not like to be mixed with them.

and you didnt mention that he was born in Smiljan nearby Gospic THAT IS IN CROATIA!!!!

BuXnAMaN 4 months ago 3

@gepardcroat My grandfather was from Smiljan,it is in todays Croatia,but Serbs lived there,and? he was Serbian,and so am i!!!!! seres a nemas pojma

Shkarya 4 months ago

mystic and scientific ! The society always try? to hide the truth just like they burned anyone in middle ages who said that earth is round !

STLboy18 4 months ago

The greatest inventor off alll times? Nikola Tesla from Yugoslavia hes not forgoton they got a statue of him in new york.

codproductions1999 4 months ago

i saw a poster of? him in the movie “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”,

so i wanted to know who he was

shadowwbn 4 months ago

Edison was NOTHING more than a Scientist/Politician. If he wouldnt raise his name within history, then he would do anything he could to accomplish this. He was a tool, and I am severely pissed off that Tesla was never mentioned throughout the USA history books. What happened with Tesla was the beggining of the the end of the? USA. Greedy, pieces of shit, putting money before the people, doing ANYTHING the could to surpress, take over the technology or misinform the public about it.

zevn7tp 4 months ago 2


Thing114 4 months ago

Respect from? Indonesia

superstar122251 4 months ago

Guys the only reason why he is not known is because of the illlumanti. Tesla knew too much and he could have given ppl free energy but the elites did not like that cause they? would lose money.

Nietzsche is another person who the illlumanti tries to control buy failed. Neitzsche knew the secrets of politics and society just like Tesla knew of science.

scarecrow22able 4 months ago

@superstar122251 true superstar! you get it,,,i like to see people? with their EYE open..cheers

z0mgrugbyreturns 4 months ago

LOL at people who think he’s not recognised because of petty nationalism. Fools.

The? reason most don’t know about him is because he dug far too deep. His knowledge was dangerous. Where he was from had very little relevance.

ChirtyPoundsOfBoost 4 months ago

@z0mgrugbyreturns His knowledge was dangerous? Lmao. Yes he invisioned some scary things but his intentions? were to benefit humanity and he constantly got tugged down by greedy douchebags like Edison who put money before people.

z0mgrugbyreturns 4 months ago

@ChirtyPoundsOfBoost That’s my point retard. His knowledge was dangerous because it would benefit humanity. The elite don’t? want that.


ChirtyPoundsOfBoost 4 months ago

@z0mgrugbyreturns? You didnt intentionize it that way in your comment. Learn to write.

ChirtyPoundsOfBoost 4 months ago

@ChirtyPoundsOfBoost Yeah maybe if you have the IQ of a still-born? it isn’t clear. To those with a handle on the English language it’s obvious what I meant. How much clearer does it need to be? Shall i write it out in coloured fucking crayons for you?

And ‘intentionize’ isn’t a word, fuckwit.

ChirtyPoundsOfBoost 4 months ago

@z0mgrugbyreturns No, just dont make your comment sound two? sided. Theres no reason to drop your balls now buddy.

xxxxx123456789xxxxx1 4 months ago

Yes yes Edison is overrated. Newton revolutionized the? world of physics in his time, but developed classical mechanics which some of the laws would later be overcome by quantum mechanics. Albert Einstein developed all this physics stuff but did absolutely nothing physical to change the world, except nuclear science. Tesla – TESLA is the man who forever changed the world.

morphing77 4 months ago

Use of natural? powers, enemies of Man win for now

ApolloMP 4 months ago

Do you know why he is forgotten ? Because he is SERB ! Einstein and Marconi were ordinary fools compared to Nicole, but besides Germans? and Italians who cares for a one Serb !

IamDuhmb 4 months ago

If you are? one of the 11 people who disliked this video, you can lick my butthole.

StopSexualUrges 4 months ago

how SAD : (

a man that has so much for science is given no credit whereas a jerk like eddison is idolized. the science community should? be charged with treason.

StopSexualUrges 4 months ago

Tommy528hz 4 months ago 15

Nikola Tesla is? a prime example of capatalism. He didnt want money he wanted to better humanity by giving third world countries light and electricity wirelessly for free. A true humanitarian and genius. His inventions and papers were seized by the cia when he died. Thank you Nikola Tesla I appreciate you even if others dont.

ApolloMP 4 months ago

@Tommy528hz Yes he wanted better future for humanity and what we got ? America doesnt stop with killing his people. . . People without history killing ancient populace ! Serbs who lives on Balkan more than 1000 years, Iraqis who had a glorious past. When a Serbia was empire, America did not exist, when we? ate with the golden dishes, with a golden fork and spoon, the West ate with fingers, like all wild people. And what now ? They want to destroy us !

Tommy528hz 4 months ago

@ApolloMP It? is very sad my freind.

CloneNumberTk421 4 months ago

@Tommy528hz Well said my friend. It is just so sad that such an amazing selfless person who changed the world does not get any credit. Even on the news this morning, the company “Tesla Motors” (named after Mr. Tesla) is now publicly selling stock in its company ,? and is there any mention of Nikola Tesla.NO! Why does this stupid world take everything for grantid ? So Sad.

@Tommy528hz Hey how do you? explain that earthquakes used to be assigned a consecutive British Association Shide Numbers assigned by John “Earthquake” Milne on the Isle of Wight until Nikola Tesla got Shide No. 333 on September 3 at 3:03 p.m. for the 1899 E.H. Harriman Expedition Ritual of the 33rd degree. IT LASTED 27 DAYS.


TourettesSomething 3 months ago

@Tommy528hz No WONDER people are trying to? forget him, especially communists and progressives! You can’t have an example of GOOD capitalism if you want to overthrow it!

insightllc 3 months ago

@Tommy528hz Why did they want us to forget his name?? WELL LISTEN UP… HAVE AN EAR… THE ANSWER IS HERE… Tesla made Earthquake Shide No.? 333 on September 3 at 3:03 and Nikola Tesla was not O.C.D. regarding that number three? but took an Freemason oath not to divulge that he is? the secret of the 33rd degree

Proaudiostore 3 months ago


mate the capitalism whan`t money.a lots of money.and the capitalism what you to work? for their money so you can be theyer slave 😛

capitalist was jay p morgan and that idiot Thomas Edison.all they wand eas money,

tesla wants to make free energy.he was so childish.childish because of the sharks who wont let him do nothing free.the question is why they want to forget Tesla.Tesla is the father of all electricity and electronics

viennabandd 5 months ago

Remarkable! irra

TheBigBADaZz 5 months ago

@as4abdlh Keep your fanboysm to yourself.The modern world is a result of the thinking of many great men not just one? you ignorant asswipe,GTFO the internet. R.I.P Nikola Tesla one of the greatest inventors of man kind.

YOURPENGUY 5 months ago

HE WAS NOT OCD… — EARTHQUAKE #333 THREE = 3 + THREE = 6 + THREE = 9 — 27 DAY EARTHQUAKE IN 1899 on Sept. 3rd at 3: 03 — “If you? only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 & 9; then you would have a key to the universe.” -Nikola Tesla

micko9333 5 months ago

Great video.I like it very much.He was the? greatest mind of all times.We Serbs are very? proud of him.But he is not the only known Serb in science.Have you heard of Mihajlo Pupin and Mileva Maric Einstein,wife of the well known Albert Einstein.

kdixon7783c 5 months ago

I just recently replaced all of my filament light bulbs with more efficient florescent lights. I’m? from New Jersey and in my school Edison was portrayed as an American hero. Tesla will always be one of the most underrated geniuses of all time.

TourettesSomething 5 months ago 4

Telsa is perhaps a greater genius than Einstein, Edison,- oh wait, they were just named.

Tell a 15 year old about Einstein- “yeah, that a genius! Too smart.”

Tell a 15 year old about Tesla- “F*** Tesla. Einstein is smarter than him.”

No, seriously. I did this, and these are what a 15 year old said.

And he didn’t even know Tesla, I bet.

When people asked me “Man, how do you know all this stuff?! You like Einstein!” (bad grammar version)

I say, “No,? I want to be like Tesla.”

SundiMundi 5 months ago 19

Nikola Tesla was an amazing inventor, but also an amazing human being. His legacy should be carried on for future generations. I truly hope one day the world will come to realize exactly how incredible? he really was. The people of today forget what their grandparents knew and their children will know.

AlienScientist 5 months ago

Tesla taught Marconi everything he needed to know in order to “invent” the radio… Tesla, in all reality, should be credited with inventing the radio as his understanding of the behavior of electro-magnetic waves was unmatched even by today’s scientists…

On Sept 11 1923 Tesla wrote an article describing light as “sound waves in an? infinitely dense medium”, this seems to match Frank Znidarsic’s theory which explains how anti-gravity and cold fusion could work.

TourettesSomething 5 months ago

@AlienScientist I wonder? if Tesla was a human/extraterrestrial hybrid.

Nah. I bet humans can be as smart as him and Einstein.

When I grow up, if we don’t live in a socialist utopia, and if I, albeit in unlikely become successful (no communist is going to tell me I can’t at least try) , I WILL make sure I always glorify Tesla.

krumpinSamoan 6 months ago

RIP Nikola Tesla. I? know what you did.

ValkonOrDeath 6 months ago

fucking americans want to hide this genius the want to us to pay them they want o thave the power FUCK OF USA FUCK USA? FUCK USA

lionOFjudah33 5 months ago 4

@ValkonOrDeath You got it! The US government has been involved in a smear campaign against Tesla from the beginning. Because, if the world found out a Serbian was? responsible for a good amount of the tech we use today, obviously the US would lose its status as a world power. Get real dude. You Europeans crack me up, everything goes back to the US is evil argument. Take a page from Tesla’s book and get an original idea.

CTastic1 3 months ago

understand “death bed” instead of “death bad” of course; shit, on youtube you can’t edit your posts.

Youtube has many improvements to do; on other sites, the posting of comments is much better (for instance on Dailymotion, you can edit your comments, and they can be longer; on dailymotion the video can also be 20 mn long instead of 10mn only for youtube).

Youtube is far from being the best site for posting videos in spite of? its popularity.

Jebalivasusernamei 6 months ago

He is from Croatia…not from Serbia…he was born in Smiljani in? Croatia

Svilenkonac 5 months ago

@Jebalivasusernamei Croatia did not exist at the time.It was Austro-Hungarian? Empire and he was son of Serbian priest how live there.But this is about his science achievement not political geography in Balkan 🙂 God bless you Tesla for everything you did.For all man kind.R.I.P

Jebalivasusernamei 5 months ago

@Svilenkonac Yes I know? this is not about political geography…..But Croatian people are sensitive about Tesla and his life, mostly because Edison made the name “Tesla” almost unknown in the world, but also because many people are denying his real origin….God bless Tesla indeed 🙂

micko9333 5 months ago

@Jebalivasusernamei His father was a priest in the Serbian orthodox church and his mother comes from the Serbian family Mandi?.What makes you think that he is? a Croatian???Smiljane is todays Croatia but back than it was Austro-Hungary.Croatia existed as an independent state till the 10th century when King Tomislav ruled.After that some parts of the country were part of the Serbian Kingdom,later Serbian Empire but most parts of the country were in the borders of Hungary.

micko9333 5 months ago 2

@Jebalivasusernamei One more thing.Remember that last sentence from one of his books: ,,ako budem sre?an da ostvarim samo neke od svojih ideja, bi?e to dobro?instvo za celo? ?ove?anstvo. Ako se te moje nade ispune, najsla?a misao bi?e mi da je to delo jednog Srbina”

Jebalivasusernamei 5 months ago

@micko9333 Mate u can say what ever u want I was in Croatia….In Smiljani (where in Tesla memorial center in the house where he was born) and tour guide there said that he was Croatian and that he was proud of it….the guide then showed us some papers from his personal stuff and in many of them he is mentioned as a Croatian….I myself dunno where tesla was from but I was told that he was? a Croatian…

micko9333 5 months ago

@Jebalivasusernamei Mate he? was born in Croatia but that doesn’t change the fact that he is an ethnic Serb and that he was very proud on that fact.The Croatians can tell you whatever they want but they don’t have original documents from his life as an inventor cause they are given to Serbia.If he is a Croatian why did the Americans passed his lab with some his inventions near New York to Serbia and not to Croatia?Do you understand the last sentence from the book that i wrote in serbian????

micko9333 5 months ago

@Jebalivasusernamei Historical facts that are proving that I’m right:Smiljane was a part of Vojna Krajina (Military Frontier which was the last defense line of Western Europe against the Turks and was only settled by Serbs who left Serbia searching for better life.Tesla’s father Milutin Tesla- Serbian priest,his mother-Djuka Mandic daughter from? a Serbian priest from Vojvodina)In Operation Storm Tesla’s youngest descendant Danijela Tesla was forced to flee Croatia because she is a Serb!!!!

@micko9333 OK? I get it …..It was obviously that the Croatians gave me some wrong info 🙂 I m glad u made it clear for me…historz can be very confusing sometimes

ApolloMP 4 months ago

@Jebalivasusernamei “There is something within me that might be illusion as it is often case with young delighted people, but if I would be fortunate to achieve some of my ideals, it would be on the behalf of the whole of humanity. If those hopes would become fulfilled, the most exiting thought would be that? it is a deed of a Serb. Long live Serbdom!…” Nikola Tesla. Give me proof that he is a Croat, and evidence that he is Serbcan you can found everywhere !

Blackdays 6 months ago 2

LOL, when u transcribes audio, and name to his nemesis, names Edison? like Tom Hanks, HAHAHAHAHA.

Fukin Edison! I hate Edison. TESLA RULEZZZ!!

logicalverbz 6 months ago

I was told Nikola Telsa invented? the ‘earthquake’ in1866?


Tesla did not “invented” earthquake”, you cant tell that something like that can be invented…Earthquakes are natural phenomenon but you probably wanted to say that he caused earthquake with his device that sends uniformly spaced frequency waves in building so he matches frequency of building with frequency of waves then he just increase flicker of building that building started to colapse but? then he just plug off his machine. I welcome you from Serbia. Bye! 🙂

@GQuasaR You’re right, I reserached my comment after I made it. I was told he ‘created the earthquake’ but when I looked into it he just figured out a way to cause earthquake like phenomenon? with frequency like you said. Its amazing that something like that could be created and hasnt been used during war YET.

GQuasaR 6 months ago

@logicalverbz Yes! i am very glad when people like you know things about Tesla and

then they can post? it beacuse its truth! 🙂

RaiderX0277 6 months ago

In my history book at school, it has a list of inventors, not one picture or comment of Nikola Tesla, I was so pissed off, I was like wtf?..? Edisons in here but not Nikola?..

T0y0Tac0roll4 6 months ago 4

Nikola Tesla is the best, he’s is in the same level of greatests scientists like Planck,Newton,Archimedes,Poinc­aré and many others

greetings from? brazil!

CSMrBalls 6 months ago

thomas edison big pussy and he is a? lying son of a bitch i hope he rots in hell right now bitch

midnightmorning 6 months ago 5

supressed knowledge is a killer, this guy was a genius?

Plaguedmarionette 6 months ago 5

who thumbed? this down? he was one of the greatest minds of all time and you should show some respect! he didn’t shock elephants like edison did. RIP tesla

Plaguedmarionette 6 months ago 4

tesla is? my idol. edison was a thief and a liar.

hunchbacked 6 months ago


No Edison was also a great inventor,it’s unfair to say he is a thief and a liar.

The real thief and liar is Marconi; he stole the patent of radio from Tesla; Tesla was the real inventor of radio, and his patents have been restored in 1943 (a little after his death).

Marconi received the nobel prize alone for? the invention of radio, when it’s Tesla who should have received it.

He was the real thief!

Plaguedmarionette 6 months ago

@hunchbacked what you say is? true, however edison isnt as great as everyone says

lerxt42 6 months ago

wow edison was a? total asshole

zegger90 6 months ago

Tesla’s wish was that electricity be free for all world…but america said NO, they are used SAME electricity for making nuclear bomb (hiroshima, nagasaki)

also…1999 bombing Tesla’s? country… Thanx for all u ritch world, and pls, fuck off ur blody fingers from our country. 🙂 good luck

zegger90 6 months ago

Tesla’s wish was that electricity be free for all world…but america said NO, they are used? SAME electricity for making nucler bomb (hiroshima, nagasaki)

also…1999 bombing Tesla’s country… Thanx for all u ritch world, and pls, fuck off ur blody fingers from our county.

berdoofool 7 months ago

i can not tell you folks enough….telsa had all the compasses in the WORLD pointing to? his laborboritory at one time

yugo91aesop 7 months ago

the world can thank SERBIA for everything it? enjoys today. and then you bombed us in 1999. hypocrites

juanlarin 6 months ago


hypocrites? and why should we thank? seribia for everything? it was nikola tesla that we should thank not serbia.

yugo91aesop 6 months ago

@juanlarin yea and he was serbian. study serbian history. we saved European christianity from becoming muslim, its becuz of us hitler wasn’t able to conquer russia and win ww2, we were first to tell stalin to fuck off during the cold? war and then the US after cold war. as Bismarck said “the serbs are the rock that can’t be swallowed in Europe”

juanlarin 6 months ago

@yugo91aesop then we can also? thank serbia for ww1

yugo91aesop 6 months ago

@juanlarin haha nope wrong again austria declared war on serbia? not the other way around. they used the serbian assinassination as an excuse to invade serbia even though he had nothing to do with serbia, he was a serbian in austro-hungary who was unhappy with austrohungarian rule.

ApolloMP 7 months ago

The world can only thank divine? providence Nikola Tesla was in United States and not in Serbian Krajina during World War II, at the? time Croatia was a fascist state ruled by demented Ustasha butchers, when all of Krajina — including village Smiljan, Teslas birthplace — was drowned in Serbian blood, and 750,000 Serbs in Croatia were mutilated and slaughtered in Jasenovac, a? complex of grisly Croat death camps.

willsaidwhat 7 months ago

Nikola Tesla? = Badass


7 months ago

Nikola TeslaR.I.P?

berdoofool 7 months ago

i read that at 1 time nicola tesla had? EVERY COMPASS IN THE WORLD pointing to his laboratory

berdoofool 7 months ago 4

why is the video “nicola tesla – the forgotten wizzard” not available at you tube?? are the criminals? trying to rob this genius again??

@berdoofool They probably know some secrets of his who they don’t want to be revealed.?

surfin4 7 months ago

he was like the rasputin of science……….there is more questions then? answers

fallen93able 7 months ago

I am an US citizen myself but the government is crooked, and we need to wake up. google “Mercury Vortex engine” antigravity has been around a? long time people

fallen93able 7 months ago 4

i Dont Know if anyone here knows what i am about to say, but Nikola Tesla accomplished even more than is mentioned in this video. Electromagnetic shielding, Directed Energy Weapons (Plasma Rifles etc) Ion Propelled lifters (Which are Just being heard about today) and much? more. He was murdered by the US Government in the 1940s after they found out that he had invented such great tools of war, but where dissapointed to find that he had no working prototypes of these weapons just out in the open.

YeshuaisMoshiach777 7 months ago

@fallen93able Can you recommend a good book? that tells about his life and inventions? I’d really like to check that out.


@YeshuaisMoshiach777 i would first recommend you to search him up on wikipedia if you havent already. But i would recommend the book “Nikola Tesla’s Teleforce & and telegeodynamics” it makes me sick to realize that the idea of energy weapons or antigravity has? been made to look like taboo, or ” only in the movies” so that the US military can have complete control over the most advanced technologies on the planet

fallen93able 7 months ago 3

YeshuaisMoshiach777 7 months ago

@fallen93able Thank you? so much for the info. I will look for that book but check out Wiki first.


@YeshuaisMoshiach777 Your Welcome. I hope you learn alot about this man, because if it? wasn’t for him, you wouldnt be sitting behind that computer screen right now, I guarantee you, yet very few people know about him. we need to wake people up and spread the word about Nikola Tesla, so that someday we can hope to use his greatest invention

ArousingAdmiration 7 months ago

Beautiful? mind OST rofl.

FooManchuDingo 7 months ago 2

Where is your proof that he was? an anti-semite?? it’s moron’s such as yourself who perpetuate this crap!! He had no time for women, he was an obsessive compulsive who by all accounts was also schizophrenic. Smarten up!!

MindlessExcess 7 months ago

too? bad he was a woman hater and huge anti-Semitic.

BVargas78 7 months ago 2

It’s good that the world? has been rediscovering Tesla and he is now getting the credit he deserves.

cool1vip 8 months ago

stumbled from ontario? canada

kbc19 8 months ago

Wondering if Nicoli? was possibly Autistic Savant? Genius, yet easily taken advantage of.

VexT916 9 months ago 38

His low recognition is mainly due to the fact that It’s because he wasn’t American or Western European born. Money talks and walks allot on lies, but the truth overshadows all of that crap over? time.

Tesla RIP

MrWinestyle 5 months ago

@VexT916 That? is so true!!!!!!!

cammo6901 9 months ago

WTF. fuck thomas edison! next time someone asks me who invented the lightbulb? NIKOLA TESLA!!!!!. thanks? for this video.

justthink124 8 months ago 49

@cammo6901 so true, edison was a jerk. At one point in his life, Nikola worked for edison to modify and repair his generators. Nikola was offered what was equivalant to millions today, but Edison ignored his promise and didnt give him any credit. Then,? he stole nikola’s ideas. then, he spent lots of time and cash to undermine nikolas accomplishments. It is a crime of humanity that Edison is idolized, especially in the educational system, and not a word reffered to the genius that is Tesla

cammo6901 8 months ago

well, they should find out someday like i did. his genius will never go uncredited thanks to videos like this.. its made to seem like he is? the underdog to edison when in fact he is one of the greatest inventors in history! everyone deserves to know that.


justthink124 8 months ago

you mean < right? but yea, this definately needs to be spread, ill tell the next average edison worshipers that i see what i think of their idol. XD

u know whats even more terrible though? Nikola got the Edison reward for what he did in electricity at the end? of his life! there is sooo much irony in that, it should have been the other way around and edison got the Tessla award.

cammo6901 8 months ago 2

lol yeah? edison<TESLA. hopefully someday people will know the truth!

hunchbacked 6 months ago


Yes, you are right, Edison has been mean with Tesla.

However, on his death bad Edison acknowledged? he had been wrong, and that Tesla had been better than him.

The problem with Tesla was that he was a genius who was trusting human kind; but human kind can be mean and jealous of the genius.

Tesla realized too late that he had been fooled by Marconi; he tried to recover the paternity of his patents but failed as long as he was alive; only a little after his death he recovered them.

PerzDVP 5 months ago

@justthink124 Yes, until recently I knew nothing of Tesla. The school system ignorantly teaches about Edison who in reality was nothing more than a scammer and a cheat. Edison’s name needs not be remembered at all. Tesla needs to be give? the credit he is due. X ray.. remote control.. radio.. the electric bulb.. etc

MEKON17 9 months ago


firedragonsage88 9 months ago 2

I’m really happy for you and I’m going to let you finish, but the guy who invented? the wheel was the greatest inventor of all time. OF ALL TIME!

NucleariA 9 months ago

@firedragonsage88 Developing the wheel took absolutly no brains at all.? So yeah… not the greatest inventor.

VexT916 9 months ago

Too bad he had no chance to do say that again at the Grammy’s? haha!

Hajro90 9 months ago

He was of? croatian herritage!

k1DLCZ1988 9 months ago 2

If he is croatian herritage, why then he was orthodox and croats are catholics? His father was a orthodox priest so there is no? way he could ever be croat, HE IS A SERB! Dont lie anymore please.

VexT916 9 months ago

He born into the Austrian Empire, which in our modern time is the country of Croatia. They have a? statue of him there.

Ignorance is not something EVER to be proud of!!! Sounds like you have a case of Edisonism haha.

Latara303 9 months ago

Stumbled.? Winnipeg, MB

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Politics can suck for smart people.?

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My patron saint.?

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WOWOWOWOWOWOWWO!!!n? thats awesome. stumbled from VA/D.C.

BtiGold 9 months ago

stumbled from? Texas

iism1les 9 months ago

i am suprised how many people haven’t heard of tesla, my secondary school was 1st technical school – Nikola Tesla, i was ,since i was 14, taught about his discoveries and that man was a genious. There are alot of disputes whether he was? croatian or serbian but i always thought that was really unimportant, i am croatian, and his nationality doesn’t matter to me since he did alot of things and wwas a great man 🙂

imthinkinarbyz1 9 months ago

stumbled? from North Carolina

JPinoy09 9 months ago

Stubled from Ky! :)?

rebsrebs13 9 months ago

stumbled from uk 😉 and is this all true?! did he seriously do all that! its amazing!? i love stumbleupon! 😀 xxx


9 months ago

What a mind! Power and stability seem to be inversely related. What is most interesting is the contrast of styles between Tesla and Edison. Edison utilized highly repetitive experimentations. Tesla utilized abstract to detailed designs in his mind before committing to physical development. His mind was a virtual universe that somehow contained the laws of our natural world, where he could work out nearly all? of the details of an invention before expending time? on physical resources.

austinbr6622 9 months ago

islunk 9 months ago

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The4LA2Baker0 9 months ago

lmao… I stumbled it too people, but enough already with the? stumbled comments.

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I stumbled from canada and I actually knew that as well.?

TheBittersweetirony 9 months ago

Stumbled? from Canada!!

hvincek898 9 months ago

stumbled from croatia. nikola tesla was croatian.

i knew that before? all of you.

shame on usa politics to destroyed that man.

chrissphinx 9 months ago

@hvincek898 how about shut the? fuck up dumbshit

hvincek898 9 months ago

lmao! read ppl.? read. read.

barnsligflodhast403 9 months ago

Stumbled too!


Stumbled from MD

Truly amazing?


9 months ago

stumbled- Connecticut

really? interesting

serban277 9 months ago

He is the Father of the entire human? technology.

Dampas 9 months ago

the best Croat in the world!

btw… he was born in Croatia, from Serbian mother and father… he was proud to be Croatian Serb and was always emphasiseing that.?

thank you comrade

greed is the true dangerous illness

“true heroes are not respected as? they should be”

“madmen are sometimes prophets”

s1ider 9 months ago 2

This actually makes me sad. Mankind is more interested in profit rather than the? overall advancement of mankind. How fickle we are.

AussieOutlaw1 9 months ago

Aussie stumbler Perth.?

stylesvaries 9 months ago

Nikola? Tesla THE FATHER OF H.A.A.R.P

luckixduckyx77 9 months ago

STUMBLED from california.

pasadena california.

and ive never? heard of this guy.

Creebe 9 months ago

edison was smart. but DC for? household usage seems very dumb.

interesting thing is that my physics textbook never told me tesla had mental problems.

InfinityFofus 9 months ago

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Stumbled? from Norway

Flashlabs 9 months ago

but he stuck the idea in all of our heads, he? had the idea of wireless electricity, but was never able to do it. Later we invented suck things as wi-fi and cellulare networks, all because of his ideas and work

TheBimbly 9 months ago

great little piece!?

atlefatle 9 months ago

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sweet documentary on history channel about him? too stumbled from PA

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Greatest man to ever live,? in my opinion xD

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nicola tesla is the fucking man

thomas edison? is as cool as kids bop

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ILeikToDanceWifPantz 9 months ago

My favorite inventor of all time…? damn Thomas Edison.

Stumbled from Tennessee

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of? all time !!!!

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fuck you thomas edison? .


9 months ago

Stumbled from Dubai… He really is? Awesome!

NBrown48 9 months ago

I’ve heard of? him…

dmcgraye 9 months ago

What a? sad story, he is an unsurpassed genius with limitless potential and people couldn’t stop stepping on him long enough to even benefit themselves and their children.

lackadaisicaal 9 months ago 2

#1 Tesla? Fangirl

GracieLue2 9 months ago

nice username!!?

jefft78 10 months ago 4

The Bankers have ruined? this planet.


10 months ago

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Igentenos 10 months ago 2

Yeah…this was Awesome. the? man was Awesome.

ImmortalBloodLine 10 months ago


This the dude that invented that machine in the movie The? Prestige?

93Gaara 10 months ago


this dude is reason you are alive…

+he made this awesome world as it is…but americans will soon make this world boring and lame…?

SsjTurles 10 months ago 3

No one seems to realize? that Nikola Tesla was the first ever to make any remarkable progress pertaining the research of plasma (or, “excited matter”) technology. It’s public knowledge that all of his research on the subject has been sealed in a vault within….. *Drum-roll, followed by Liquid Snake announcing* “The Pentagon!”

uskokpravi 11 months ago 4

Let’s not forget the? J. Edgar Hoover was an “Illuminated 33rd degree Freemason” and like Morgan he wanted to make sure that the Bank profited before mankind. Wake the fuck up sheeple you’re living in the Matrix.

rross27 11 months ago 9

The reason Teslas name is hidden from history for the most part compared to other geniuses is obvious. The same reason Dr. Royal Rife and a host of hundreds of other scientist trying to bring forth real science have been suppressed, exploited, killed, exiled, offices burned, etc. Because the powers that be dont want cures for cancer, they dont want free energy from the sun or fusion, dont want A FREE WORLD! They want to usurp and contain knowledge and use it against us all for war and? profit!

zzinglish53 10 months ago 3

Your arrow hit the black of the bullseye on all counts. There could be several geniuses who’ve found cold? fusion in their basements too terrified to tell anyone, knowing big biz would mark them for erasure. NWO wants no change they can’t make happen for their own reasons on their own schedule.

strikerhiryu 11 months ago 7

Fight Against the NWO so? we can keep the freedom to be better people!

2012Liberty1 11 months ago 5

I see a bit of Tesla in what they call “conspiracy theorists” call em crazy, just don’t say they’re anything? short of genius, to put facts in correct sequence takes brain power, or a natural tolerance to flouride …lol.

donze52 1 year ago

great man for sure,

hear about him on coast to coast.

Dadge42 1 year ago 9

WHY did we? forget his name? that’s the real question.

crazyorangutang8 1 year ago

Corruption, bullies? like to be in power, and they like to accrue money with that power. The minute anyone tries to socialize anything for the betterment of mankind on a whole scale, the effort is put to a halt and deemed unpatriotic lol.

RayRay282828 1 year ago 3

i know this nigga cuz of FALLOUT3!!!!

his weapons are? baddasss

widowedeight 1 year ago 4

stumbled… and favorited this is amazing? i knew nothing of this man

RayRay282828 1 year ago

i know huh! stumble is crazy on? everything even porn =p

cktatski 1 year ago 7

i wonder? why einstein is so over rated?

CHANNELOMD 1 year ago 4

Tesla? a genius!

ohgirlwearethesame 1 year ago 7

nikola tesla is from our country!!! we all know tones of stuff about him… he was the greatest. he had the first idea for wireless electricity. it’s sad that we know our inventors and the worlds great inventors, but countrys like usa don’t put enough effort to teach? young minds about creative people from other countries. i guess that’s the way things work. we don’t know american presidents 🙂


spaceboysmiles 1 year ago

tesla was an immigrant he was not from the US, so your statement is voided.?

spaceboysmiles 1 year ago

sshado2 1 year ago 4


jacobdemayo 1 year ago

someone should make a movie about him… if there hasnt already been one made.. but damn thats sadd

ive never heard of this? guy.

SocCompz 1 year ago 2

he’s in the prestige – great movie- not about him? though

rudeawakeningxxx 1 year ago

I did a report on Nikola Tesla in 6th grade. I had to dress like him give a speech to the class.? it was awesome

Pulpos999 1 year ago 4

Why tha FUCK Hoover had his files!!!!!!!!!The CIA( the FBI to) always wants to fuck everything that could in a manner of ways change the society to a good path , but no lets steal this things, classify and manipulate this and hide the progress of mankind. How nice is that?????????????He was a damn genuis, he was giving the world the best technolgical advance, but why descredit him why making his? life so impossible just for having great ideas…………………….­……………..

scorn153 1 year ago

Also from command and conquer red alert they put the chronosphere? in as one of those mysterious inventions back in the day. Changing the frequency of matter. The rumors are based on some bits of evidence that those experiments did indeed take place and that Tesla was involved. Also take note of the Scientist in the starting video that changes time.

MartinStarFlash 1 year ago 7

man, fuck Thomas Edison?

sprobby 1 year ago 3

Straight up.?

pbrox 1 year ago 4

thomas edison is? a complete douchebag fuck that dude.

iciya 1 year ago 9

Thanks a lot JP Morgan you fucking asshole for keeping humankind in a barbaric fossil fuel burning dark ages! The whole world was on the verge of receiving Tesla’s greatest? gift. The gift of FREE ENERGY and bringing us one step closer to a type 1 civilization! Instead we are (STILL!) burning fossil fuel burning fossil burning fossil fuel. All because repeatedly RAPING the planet for this asinine energy source (oil) is too profitable to give up!

MelanieLouM 1 year ago

Aw J.P. Morgan is laughing at us all from Hell…what an asshole to go out and destroy a? man and his reputation like that! >:(

CrimsonRaven47 1 year ago

surely most people know Tesla is the? founder of modern technology?

sludgedozer 1 year ago 2

Not in the? land where we are obsessed with football and american idol.

indiejake86 1 year ago

Invest in Tesla? NOW.

YellowMan135 1 year ago

lol isn’t he in? fallout 3?

metalz88 1 year ago

lol yeah , he’s the? inventer of Tesla Armors xD …

MusicMasterB12 1 year ago

My language arts class got in a big fight over who created either the the lightbulb? or electricity half the class thought it was thomas edison the other half nikola tesla

honestm8 1 year ago

suppression of Tesla what? a lot of shit

Genny4realyO 1 year ago 8

I asked my science teacher? about him and he said he never heard of him and he wrote his name down on a piece of paper to find out who he was. This is really sad 🙁

hherceg7 1 year ago

That’s? really sad, LOL!

sxs2k 1 year ago

What a strange? comment….”Sad vs LOL”?

rustonfootball6 1 year ago

i only know? of him from fallout 3.

but this vid is amazing. NT was obviously a great man with great goals

TreesOfEden 1 year ago

Tesla certainly lived? in an unprepared world. Those who tried to stop some of his technology may have done so on behalf of those corrupt humans unprepared for such technology (compare death rays to the atomic bomb)

High Active Auroral Research is chaotically manipulating our ecosystem in incomrehensible ways. Nothing against this genius, I can’t imagine what torment that solid manifestations through synesthesia might bring, but I can hope that he’s on the welcoming shores of a prepared world.

drugmiasma 1 year ago

Tesla! You’re my boy!!!

One positive? of death is the chance to meet NT.

firestarterlol 1 year ago

covek? je car….

c42reptiod 1 year ago

edison should? be dug up and given to necrophilacs

DjnMatrika 1 year ago 3

I cant believe? this video has so little views !! 33,101 only ? its an amazing hidden part of history.

Beamshipcaptain 1 year ago

We have the 1954 Encyclopedia britannica. Edison is in there, but TESLA’S NAME IS NOWHHWEW TO BE? FOUND, and thes volumes were written 10-years after Tesla’s death. That is an glaring example of the suppression of Tesla.

dave777blaster 1 year ago 9

The future is indeed his

Tesla Technology still holds secrets? to the future

tyeabrzannn 1 year ago 5

they named a car? after him

Vaminos123 1 year ago

lol? thats his claim to fame? named after a car?

vexersa 1 year ago

You mean car named after? him 😉


tisnman 1 year ago 11

My earth science teacher? talked about him like a god 😀

tisnman 1 year ago 11

Jackal239 1 year ago 9

Because he is? God son…because he is God…

theslvrbullt 1 year ago 5

Excellent, sir. It makes me sad that? everyone knows and celebrates people less deserving like Edison, but forget men like Tesla that were revolutionary. Makes me wonder if there are great people today that are being covered up by the hate of others or the greed of their own actions…

Beamshipcaptain 1 year ago

Professor? John Searl. Eugene Malloeve. Stan Meyer. Carl Cella. Thomas Townsend Brown.

ShadesofScorpius 1 year ago 4

Beautiful, beautiful! The best and most sympathetic portrayal of his life I’ve seen. I do hope there are people of that? caliber today…. we need them.

ShadesofScorpius 1 year ago 4

q123477 1 year ago 4

Probably not, Tesla is pretty much the best their ever? will be.

ramanglass544 1 year ago

we have tesla coils?

i guess thats recognition?

but not? really

goodozog 1 year ago 6

Edison was? a evil man

mitsuevo08 1 year ago 3

yeh? he killed elephants!!!!!

goodozog 1 year ago

me too?

luwdmke 1 year ago 5

No it? was edison who killed elephants to discredit him,

acroduster 1 year ago 5

history did not forget him, people like you? and I know who he was and what he did! and we carry on. and others learn from us.-) good video! pretty darn good telling of his life!

TooLateProductions 1 year ago 3

never played REd? Alert with Tesla towers? wake up…

mitsuevo08 1 year ago 2

Yeah? i did. Did he invent those too? It electrifies troops. only ENEMY troops. now thats cool

as4abdlh 1 year ago

hehe Einstein was Conceptualizing the “Universe”? and brougth us to understand science in a lot easier way.

No one compares to Einstein.

beyondmaster 1 year ago 4

Marvellous! thanks for uploading. The world must know about? this!

breezethrough 1 year ago 4

i know him. 😀 from command and conquer red alert, tesla? coil

boxa888 1 year ago 2

hey just check out what a real tesla coil does, not destruction but wireless energy to all points on earth! in c and conquer, the tesla coil would have extended the whole range of placement of your characters and structures to the whole map, thats what its true use would be. i put up a ton of info even making a real magnifying? transmitter through the earth!


1 year ago 3

As someone with a science background, my opinion may be skewed, but… how do? people NOT KNOW about Tesla?

hector9462 1 year ago 2

yeah? they know about eddison but they forget about the greater genious of all tesla

Beamshipcaptain 1 year ago 4

We have Enclyclopedia Britannica from the 1950s. Plenty of mention? of Edison, BUT TESLA IS NOT TO BE FOUND!

xMissInfidelx 1 year ago 2

That’s horrible!!!?

Beamshipcaptain 1 year ago 2

And some people have the GALL to say that :”there is no? suppression of free energy and gravity-control”. I remind them to simply study history, and note the glaring omissions.

jethrowjj 1 year ago 2

if there? was one thing i could do for nikal tesla is give him a pat on the back

sweetkagome99 1 year ago 2

Wow. Check out a song by TESLA. He is where they got their name. The song is called ” Edison’s Medicine”. Check? it out

yourass117 1 year ago

I know this sounds weird, but it was almost like electricity flowed through Tesla, the way he mastered the? science of electricity

joneselius 1 year ago

He could see things we couldn’t. He? could feel things we couldn’t and he wanted to truly help humanity.

His creative genius will probably never be rivaled, as all the tech required is so heavily patented you’d be swimming in debt before you even get remotely close.

czund 1 year ago

The Tesla car…just? unveiled.


The MRI scanner in every hospital…

There is only 1 patent left to the world of Tesla’s.

KatradioNY 1 year ago

Tesla’s lab..Wardenclyffe is in danger of demolition as the property is up for sale. We need to establish it’s TRUE landmark status..NOW! PLEASE join The Tesla Science Museum..The Long Island Wireless Historical Society..as well as other historical societies..Shoreham Civic Association and Tesla enthusiasts at a demonstration: Saturday May 30th at 10am? AT the lab on Route 25a and Tesla St. in Shoreham NY. The lab is also a brilliant design of architect Sanford White. You CAN make a difference!

WisdomEnergy 1 year ago

…10% of interest on the sum and on the interest gain and this came out of nowhere, and with that sytem they can control inflation so you have to be their salves in? overwork in order to pay bills and survived this will take your time to think and confused yourself so you can not discover their plan

WisdomEnergy 1 year ago

It part of Illuminati’s plan if they had the control of energy to make there little? slave citizen working to pay bill and with the bank system and interst make the top of the pyramid richer and always win on benefit with there federal bank(private) and this is not legal in the constitution of the USA, because 1dollar creatdd from a 1dollar debt debt of the contry is impossible to pay because it will destroy all money of the contry and bank cant always give them selve perpetual 10% of interest..

DanielekZ 1 year ago


gregtestagent 1 year ago

Same thing happened to the electric car. They couldn’t control it the same way as oil and gas,? so they had them destroyed. They are against any renewable and alternative energy for this reason.

gregtestagent 1 year ago

gmcannon 1 year ago

His wireless power was used to power certain objects, namely lighting. I remember doing a expiriment in school? where we powered a cathode ray tube wirelessly. I’m sure there were some flaws with his wireless systems but amazing non-the-less. It sadens me to see these days when so many people are content with being spoonfed technology on a consumer level and not having a profound interest in the technology itself or the betterment of it.

rudolphsteinkampf 1 year ago

Even though he lived in the shadow? of that murderous, prank-pulling monster, Edison, he still wasn’t an obscure inventor. He could’ve enjoyed more attention, but at least a lot of people know what a magnificent, out-of-this-world guy he was and what a monster Edison was.

I hope the devil uses DC current to fry Edison’s ass in hell, so that it would take a looooong time to burn…

666failure666 1 year ago 4

tesla isn’t that obscure, i’ve? known about him since i was like 8 years old. but politicians and society has tried to hide his best invention (free energy) so that they can power the world in a different manner. so that they can stick their hands into all of our pockets and rob us of our money

t3po7re54 1 year ago


cowpowersurge 1 year ago

I will say this to all of you here. We will never see such a genius with? such a will to do good for humanity, ever again. I’m sure there are many people who are just like Sir. Tesla, but due to people such as J.P Morgan, we will never see their genius.

Mohabias 1 year ago

Is there anymore information? on his wireless energy device?

coolchanga 1 year ago 6

I didnt know about Nicola… this is a fantastic video !!?

guitarmanaruna 1 year ago 5

A great video? about a great scientist..!!

guitarmanaruna 1 year ago 5

zigyzigy13 1 year ago 4


Thespartan18 1 year ago

Hell yeah this guy built? the Enclaves Tesla Power Armor that has plus 10 power weapons damage. Thats his greatest invention.

flanker4psychos 1 year ago

Nikola? Tesla is one of the worlds premier inventors, a genius, and they treat him like sweat shop worker…. so sad

flanker4psychos 1 year ago

yellowman88 1 year ago

nah… physicists and mechanical/electrical engineers all know Tesla craps out Edison’s inventions.

2tsaybow 1 year ago

Albert’s best work wa done while he was married to his first wife and she did help him – a great deal. She died in poverty when he gained fame and left her.

brockunc 1 year ago

Actually Einsteins first wife received the? money from his Nobel prize for the photo electric effect and used it to buy real estate in Austria. While not a wealthy women she certainly did not die in poverty. As for helping him that simply was not the case. Why she did study science there is nothing to show that she contributed in any way other than moral support.

retepvosnul 1 year ago

He probably? invented the time machine… but never told anybody.

yellowman88 1 year ago

Tesla’s death actually brought us to the future. He was hoarding all his scientific theories. His fame came posthumously but he is revered by every physicist and engineer.

rolethatjoint 1 year ago 3

“when all of the most brilliant inventors and scientists to ever live were white, how in the world do people possibly think that niggers are equal to whites”

now why would you come out with a stupid comment like that. You are not superior to any other? lifeform on the planet earth, we are all the same, different appearances. Are a black mans insides the same colour as yours, i would imagine so..

Dannyjjango 1 year ago

weed? head + conspirator….shit the best retarded combination ever

keep clowning


rolethatjoint 1 year ago

you obviously have something against pot smokers…bad experience maybe. if your user name was? isuckhitlersdick, I wouldn’t assume you were german now would I. the truth, not conspiracies..

Dannyjjango 1 year ago

I am just fascinated by the fact that many pot smokers are conspiracy believers

pot ,indeed, makes one creative

just use it in a productive ways like musicians and artists i just feel like your wasting time with this “idea”? of yours

johnnyxcasanova 1 year ago

i smoke pot and im not a? conspiracy believer… narrow minded shit head

Dannyjjango 1 year ago

i said many you fuck head not all of? them

good thing your not one of them but fuck you can’t read lay down the joint bro

therealbombassa 1 year ago

***original comment***


“when all of the most brilliant inventors and scientists? to ever live were white, how in the world do people possibly think that niggers are equal to whites”

Deathend 1 year ago

Everyone that’s arguing here is missing a big lesson from this poor genius’s fate.

rolethatjoint 1 year ago

these type of men work for the better of man, they fucked? him up good by the looks of things. We live in a world of lies, that man discovered/invented wireless technology and that fancy star wars shit all 100 years ago, everything you see today was invented back then too, they just kept it all in secrete. Why is his work classified, the satan worshiping people in power watch us like flocks of sheep, then they rub it in our faces with movies such as dejavu, lol, its no lie, its the truth.

Dannyjjango 1 year ago

shut the fuck up its the mary jane fucking with you?

rolethatjoint 1 year ago

they could if they wanted, make life equally pleasing for every human on the face of this planet. Like it said in the clip, warden cliff

could supply power to everbody EVERYBODY. These bastrds have been fukin us analy from day one, they are the ones who create disease and famin,

supply? kids with drugs, and you know what theres fuk all you can do about it. But fuk them they will reap for all that

they do., hey buddy im havin a gang bang with your mum and maryjane.

tannersanta 1 year ago

cool video!

cypher955 1 year ago

when all of the most brilliant inventors and scientists to ever live were white, how in the world do people possibly think that niggers are? equal to whites

therealbombassa 1 year ago

I dont even know where to start pointing out the flaws i that argument. So instead i shall say, that your hatred towards a race will manifest in you. You will become this hatred. And then you will be the nigger.

While Humans of every colour will continue to do as they do, whether it is? good or bad.

And you sir, by shunning away from many people, are creating a state of fear unworthy of living in.

Thats your choice to make, and an easy one to change…

cypher955 1 year ago

99 % of inventors are white…there is no flaw in my argument,? that’s just the way it is…some races are smarter than others…sorry, you have been mislead obviously

therealbombassa 1 year ago 6

If Africa had thrived over Europe, it would be much the opposite. White people have tended to live in financially stable countries, unoppressed for their race. You? spread racism, and that makes you a cruel person. An anti-human. There are smart white people, and fucking stupid white people. As with all races. Judging an ENTIRE race on how much it has invented, especially when it has been raped by the the white race, is short sighted. Your soul has been mislead obviously.

brrtown 1 year ago


You are an idiot. I won’t waste time pointing out why because you will still be an idiot. Hatred doesn’t look beyond hatred. You’re entitled to your opinion, but it doesn’t change that you are an idiot. Too many people like you is the real problem and the real reason why the human race will disappear by it’s own hands.? I bet you sit and smile about how much you can hate. But your hatred keeps you miserable.

lorfen 1 year ago


cypher955 1 year ago

Serbians, French, and? Germans all have superior intellect to the rest of the world…

pseudoslave 1 year ago

It is said? that Tesla was an initiate in secret wisdom…….very intereted in the occult and the esoteric (as was Eddison)……………”the ultimate visionary crack”………….the ultimate genius. They tried to communicate with the spirit world.

notapanda2 1 year ago

I remember first encountering his name in RA2 10 years ago? lol. Oh well just a random thought.

GrandTheftAuto4Films 1 year ago 2

Poor Tesla. I always liked him though.

Its really interesting that the stuff he worked on is STILL classified. You know he was working on figuring out how to use the worlds natural electromagnetic field as a means for traversing power. We could be completely wireless if we had supported? his efforts throughout his lifetime.

cypher955 1 year ago

yep…that’s where lightning comes from…it’s always there in the atmosphere, we just need to harness? it

juanthestabber 1 year ago

so if this is actually possible why hasn’t some other electrical engineer figured it out?this video? states it like a fact.

cypher955 1 year ago

because most electrical engineers are average people…Tesla was a cut above the rest…he was higher than the top 1 %…he was one in a billion…it’ll be? a long long time before someone like him comes around again…centuries probably

cypher955 1 year ago

also, there have been people who have invented things but when they get a patent, there patent becomes classified by the Govt and the inventor is either killed or jailed for long periods of? time…look it up…there are at least 5000 patents that are currently classified as top secret

whatevtube 1 year ago

R.I.P. Nikola

JonnMcNally 1 year ago

whiney? babies.

squarez 1 year ago

The rednecks will? and are ruining America.

WhataPileofBullCrap 1 year ago

Yeah, poor white? people are ruining America … lmao

BeachedWhale09 1 year ago 5

Wow? you know what i hate more than an American that is so pompous as to say “Fake. A serbian couldn’t do that shit. You need a great American like Thomas Edison.” Its the Europeans that act so much better. You really are worse when you engage a fool like this who is obviously just trolling and start with your “dumb Americans” talk. Pathetic.

iamthecookieguy 1 year ago

So why dont we? have this wireless world supply of electricity today? and what ever happened to the deathbeam

williamfos 1 year ago 4

Because JP Morgan and other? elites wanted Humanity to be enslaved to them. If there was free energy we wouldnt need to pay the power companies.

Well, he was never able to complete his? project… wireless electricity is emerging slowly.

iamthecookieguy 1 year ago 3

Your work doesnt go unadmired here, Tesla.? RIP

anonbtardgif 1 year ago

i have heard his name on history channel but our text books just evil government brainwash? anyway 😛

PopcornRingo 1 year ago

all the hate? comments on this video is clearly written by ignorant americans who cannot tolerate any person being one step ahead of them. Tesla was a genious, and the same was Edison.

End of conversation.

mf91007 1 year ago

Fake. A serbian couldn’t do that shit. You need a great American? like Thomas Edison.

emplp 1 year ago

go die in a? fire.

Frangifranco 1 year ago

fucking idiot, Tesla was a genius!

and he was an honesty serbian worker, not like? the fucking american burglar “thomas Edison”

D3mi4n 1 year ago

Thomas Edison put the money. He had an army of inventors.

alin4all 1 year ago 2

i cant stop laughing at this comment. Dude open your eyes. First of all Americans are Europeans, which include the Serbians. So you might wanna check your family tree, there might be some Serbian in you 🙂 As for the “You need a great American” that is plain nonsense. A good scientist has made his way all around the world before he actually comes up with a good invention. And after you have traveled as much you are sure so much different from the people of your country.?

bmg50barrett 1 year ago

Americans are not Europeans. they simply arent. America. Europe. Difference? Yes. They may have came from the same area hundreds of years ago, but not anymore. so no dice.

andresfusion 1 year ago 2


Snakez19 1 year ago 5

He shaped the world we know today, more than Edison did. i can live with that, even though? hes not recognize as Edison is. Edison for my taste is over rated.

0enlighten0 1 year ago 6

i don’t think we forgot him hes my favorite inventor

treysparker 1 year ago 3


treysparker 1 year ago 3

ehrahman 1 year ago 3

the great one

utubesucks2003 1 year ago 3

His work is still? classified??? Whoa.

GriffinIsGood 1 year ago

k? then?

AuShawster 1 year ago

Edison won because he was a successful American capitalist.

mchrisneglia 1 year ago 4

Edison was a sociopath who liked to electrocute stray cats as marketing for his technology as a way to? erroneously demonstrate to ignorant people that Tesla’s tech was dangerous. (even tho tesla ate lightning for breakfast)

AuShawster 1 year ago

Edison demonstrations to ignorant people? that Tesla’s tech was dangerous.,,

Sounds alot like Faux new going on about Obama ?

I was always interested in electricity. I remember learning about Tesla when going to the old generating plant at Niagra as a kid. Edison will remain more famous not just because of the light bulb but motion picture and the phonograph.

tuartino 1 year ago

Whats wrong with you idiots, Edison is a great man? definitely a inspiration to all youngsters go read some of his biographies he was poor as a kid. You may say he was patent troll why not I don’t want my inventions to just go to others hand.

Edison >Tesla.

GriffinIsGood 1 year ago 13

So edison is better than him because he? was POOR? that is completely irrelevant. Edison bought ideas and posed them as his own, which is despicable.

lectrick 1 year ago 11

Can you guys even watch a fucking science video without resorting to stupid? unconstructive comments devolving into name-calling?

azintp 1 year ago


roughcoat09 1 year ago 6

I agree, these people can be? so immature. there are ways to knockdown the inaccuracies of this video without resorting to immaturity.

daveulrich 1 year ago 7

sorry azintp, even a basic search of edison’s past would see you that he was a thief and and even a murderer. he? practically owned the patent office, but not an honest scientist.

azintp 1 year ago


you are delusional, there is nothing that implicates edison as a hack and their. you are a fucking moron which is why you,? or none of the other assholes here have any references.

tarmogoyf333 1 year ago 6

Tesla was? light years ahead of his time.

tzimtzum1618 1 year ago 4

The idea that Tesla’s been “forgotten” by history? is ludicrous on it’s face.. he may not get all the attention he deserves but he’s far from forgotten.

tzimtzum1618 1 year ago 4

seifer234 1 year ago

This? guy wasnt so great ANY amercian inventor blows this fruit out of the WATER


winstonsmith00 1 year ago


He was an American you? fool.

azintp 1 year ago

Edisn had hundreds of patents including the light bulb and phonograph. This documentary? was apparently made by jealous Brits.

p3on 1 year ago

eidson was a fucking hack and didnt invent the light bulb or phonograph despite having patents on them. tesla wasnt british either you fucking idiot, he? was a croatian that lived in america


1 year ago

Actually, I think he was? Serbian.

p3on 1 year ago

im sorry why is it in the interest of a “jealous” british documentary maker to make one american inventor look bad and make another american inventor look good

croatian isnt an ethnicity you fucking? idiot

p3on 1 year ago

lol raging on the internet, internet? tough guy

azintp 1 year ago

hey grandpa,

sounds like you are projecting.

look at the? guy who’s raging about dead inventors talking about others? work on your own rage before pointing fingers.

at your age, you should know better gramps.

p3on 1 year ago

hahahahaha what? the fuck would make you think im actually 66, youre fucking dense

Lenangreal 1 year ago

yes it? is

polidic 1 year ago

thx? you sir …

azintp 1 year ago

if edison? was a hack with hundreds of patents, then how many do you have? u r a fucking loser!

malchurn 1 year ago

Edison had a design company, with staff.?


Tesla is my hero. God I wish this man had triumphed to the fullest of his possible vision? – how different would our world be now?


Wireless in the? early 1900s. The world would be science fiction.

wtfoof 1 year ago

Edison was a fraud!!! He DID? NOT invent the light bulb! Joseph Swan, a British inventor, obtained the first patent for the same light bulb in Britain one year prior to Edison’s patent date.

sniggity 1 year ago

What a genius!

lanz1987 1 year ago

This quote brought to? you by the church of scientology!

Bushmills21 1 year ago


SkyDaddy7 1 year ago

You are an idiot!…An insecure person to say the? least!


What jews? Morgan? not a jew, just a ruthless xxxx Edison? Definitely just a damn rat bastard. Keep your hypocritical and poorly-researched dogma out of discussions of great American heroes, you backwards fascist inbred retard.

compositesoul 1 year ago

thank you,?

bryciclepete 1 year ago 7

marconi ripped? him off

m4design 1 year ago

I watched this movie through a wireless connection,? it’s funny that I found out about his inventions by his invention.

tuartino 1 year ago

Hey it was? marconi who was mostly responsible for discovery of wireless communication not Tesla.

shitpuppet 1 year ago

Marconi worked off of Tesla patents. Tesla was later acknowledged, although years after the fact after this nasty? rumor had already taken hold.

xylifyx 1 year ago

Reminds me of? “Forgotten Silver” by Peter Jackson.

RichieW 1 year ago 3

This is a joke right? who ever heard? of Tesla?

people who never went to school I imagine..

jestertru 1 year ago 7

In Electrical Engineering schools there is little mention of Tesla. The version of EM equations he used is never used even though Richard Feynman himself admitted there’s an anomaly in Faraday’s equations that remains unanswered (Tesla’s work is based on the formulation that is known as “symmetric Maxwell’s Equations” while physics and engineering majors are taught the “asymmetric Maxwell’s Equations”.

We did name a unit of measure after him but you’d think? he’d be know to EEs at least.

MaZe741 1 year ago 4

people who went to school? know Tesla as the electric field unit.at least….

SirFinklebottom 1 year ago

relativistic electric field actually. commonly? known as magnetic field.

st4ticblu3 1 year ago

Some Austailian inventors have supposedly made a zeropoint generator. creates 5 times the power need? to run it. Its on youtube somewhere.


1 year ago got? a link?

alijohnstone 1 year ago

fraid not mate.?

asphyxiafeeling 1 year ago 8

god damn fuck JP morgan. fucking bastard. imagine? if history and gone another way. FREE power for everyone! imagine how much better the world would be! Capitalism and Greed : 1 Humanity : 0

Luineancaion 1 year ago 3

Yes, but Tesla’s ideas for wireless power? transmission were incorrect, his ideas wouldn’t work. The rich and powerful people would move to block progress so they could make more profit though is absolutely disgusting. The benefit to humanity of free power would be huge if it could be achieved.

ares213 1 year ago 11

Tesla is perhaps the most underrated genius in history. I learned about him when I? was a kid, which was one of my biggest inspirations to study electrical engineering.

Argonaut1337 1 year ago 8

he made the 3 phase ac motor HE IS THE FATHER OF? FACTORY AUTOMATION… Also those windmills that generate electricity those too. Ohh yeah and AC current… Edison was NOTHING compared to him. He was able to send signals through the Ionosphere (also used as a weapon: one of the main reasons the world is so scared of us)… found the natural frequency of the earth… its so sad that he is not well know… it will take another century… He should be on the FUCKING $500 bill!!!

Bustereebob 1 year ago 2

I bet Tesla could make a more affordable tesla not limited to a mere handful of places.!

NBachers 1 year ago 7

And still today the banksters? continue to rape and pillage an innocent world population. Rise up against them!

RainbowPagon1982 1 year ago 5

wow that was a powerful video and he was a? vary smart man thank you for showing this video

Audity31 1 year ago 2

watch?v=mSBEYs0rjac&fmt=18 for the full HQ version!?

OlafWilhelm 1 year ago

thank u very? much :]

IrelandsPatriot 1 year ago 4

This? is really good!


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