It does look familiar, doesn’t it?

Is it possible Nikola Tesla was hacking around with a Blackberry prototype in 1909?  That’s the buzz in articles from such diverse sources as the UK Telegraph and the Huffington Post.  And, in an even odder twist than having a Blackberry in 1909, the Huffington Post links to and credits – has that ever happened before?

You do realize there is a reason this website is in BLACK?

Tesla wrote this article in the October 1909 edition of Popular Mechanics ( pages 476-477, excerpted from the New York Times.)

So is that picture really a pre-Blackberry Blackberry in 1909?

Nah, not really.

It’s one of Tesla’s mechanical oscillators. I was just trying to start a little BlackBerry conspiracy theory.

What Tesla did was way more impressive then having a Blackberry in 1909.



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