Subject: Tesla

Hello, Marc, I didn’t catch your resent interview with Noory, but I’m sure
it was fantastic. I love all talk about Tesla because I am Tesla. I was born
in 1972, in Canada, and I’m saying that I’m the same guy as Telsa. I
remember and Feel the experiences of Tesla, and also a tall Tesla figure
appears in my dreams, a lot, to explain how to tap into a natural renewable
energy source with rather simple techniques and modern devices.

I am no different then I was before; still discovering ground-breaking new
technologies for the advancement for mankind. I do everything secretively,
today, and I don’t even have a scholastic degree (I don’t need more
education, you see). I have built laboratories and conducted research to
continue my work into the field of energy conversion, gyroscopic-motors, and
Galactic communications, and I’ve done this with my own funds and a
garage-lab. I have a new device using modern op-amps and transistors to
communicate with intelligences on other worlds, and have tested its
operation. You will not see the device hit the market as a device to
communicate with the people in the underground cities of Mars, but as a new
network device to replace the internet back-bone structure. I’m working on a
way to block the Extra-Terrestrial signals so that digital information can
be sent and receive by this device that fits in the palm of your hand and
cost less than $5 dollars to make. This device can send signals at
faster-than-light speeds and the range is Galactic, not planetary. I also
intend to complete my two-life long dream of building a space craft to
traverse the Galaxy at speeds that would seem to violate the laws of

I am on this planet but I am not from here. I am a Galactic Engineer (one of
many on this planet, right now) and I’ve developed ships that travel space.
Some of the ships that visit us today, from other worlds, are of my design.
Many Galactic Engineers are on this planet, right now, and if we are given
the word we WILL transform this planet once and for all toward technological
harmony with the noosphere.

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