THE LOST WIZARD is set in turn-of the century America during the height of the Gilded Age. It is the true and tragic story of the brilliant, eccentric, Serbian-born inventor Nikola Tesla.

This tale unfolds through two dramatic Narrative Strands.

The first centers on Tesla’s incredible scientific achievements – his partnership with George Westinghouse (to light of the Chicago World’s Fair and harness Niagara Falls) and the intense competition against, and betrayal by, two of the most powerful, immoral and well-known “robber barons” of the U.S. industrial age: J.P. Morgan and Thomas Edison.

The second depicts Tesla’s personal friendships with Stanford White (considered by many to be the greatest architect of his era, who would be infamously murdered as a result of a love triangle), Mark Twain (in cameo appearance), Robert Johnson (editor of the Century Magazine), and the women in his orbit, all of whom harbored unrequited love for Tesla: Katherine Johnson (Robert Johnson’s wife), the playwright and pianist Marguerite Merrington, and Anne Morgan, daughter of J.P. Morgan.

THE LOST WIZARD is replete with universal themes and is perhaps the Greatest Untold Epic of the past century – a story of Triumph, Love and Heartbreak, Deception and Madness.

An Extraordinary Man

An Inconvenient Genius

Tesla: Wireless Light circa 1890’s