Yesterday heathens were out celebrating the birthday of famed communist atheist Nikola Tesla. This dangerous man was famous for perverting science and trying to steal ideas from American inventor’s like Thomas Edison as his own.

I am fully convinced that Satan had planned to use Nikola Tesla to cause Armageddon on Earth followed by a Soviet or Chinese takeover, because when you look into the life and times of this ‘scientist’ and the magic experiments he performed, you will get a chill down your spine.

Tesla was very atypical from an early age. The manchild managed to learn how to speak 8 different languages by age 9 and would receive photographic visions from the devil, where he would get complex designs for doomsday machines with which to destroy humanity.

If you carefully look at the top apex of the electrical storm machine pictured above, you can see the figure of a wizard or Satan himself powering the sinister device. No scientist on Earth has been able to recreate this technology.

This comes as no surprise, as associates of Tesla reveal that the wizard claimed to receive electric signals from aliens on Mars. Even if he actually believed this to be true, we know those messages were coming right from the laboratories of hell.

While moral scientists like Thomas Edison was busy creating the fluorescent light bulb, FM radio, alternating current and advanced telephones, Tesla was up late in his madhouse creating Soviet Death Rays and explosions that could destroy all life and technology at the speed of light.

There is no way a normal human brain could create the things that Tesla could create from spare aluminum and other junk. When you couple this fact with other things like Tesla being disgusted by women and hating round objects, you have a man who is not quite right.

What took the cake is when Tesla sneaked into America to steal more of Edison’s ideas, and while in New York he one night became bored and Satan gave him a vision for a new terror machine.

Hours later old news paper archives reveal that a massive Earthquake occurred on Fifth Avenue, with the street literally cracking in half and the building that house Tesla’s laboratory crumbling to dust.

The next day Tesla boasted something to the effect: “I have tuned into the magnetic frequency of the Earth’s core and can now create an Earthquake which can split the Earth in half!”

This statement was taken by many to mean that Tesla had managed to create a machine that could literally allow hell to seep into Earth. Thank goodness that God had enough of this man and caused him to go completely insane and broke, and then the American government took all his ideas and locked them away in a vault or hopefully burned them.


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