The artistic combination of Tim Eaton and Tesla biographer Mark J. Seifer, create a fascinating story of exacting detail and texture exploring not only Nikola Tesla but such American legends as Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, Henry Ford, and even Mark Twain. Tim Eaton’s proven imagination and success in Hollywood is at its best in The Lost Wizard. If anyone could visualize, capture, and then display the electrifying brilliance of Nikola Tesla – it is Tim Eaton.

This picture has “blockbuster” written all over it!”

Charles A. Moster


Charles Moster is an Intellectual Property and Trial attorney by day and a playwright & composer by night having written for the stage and radio for over thirty years. His radio plays and musicals have been broadcast in major Public Radio markets nationwide and in Canada and featured as the “Best in Public Radio” by KUT in Austin, Texas. His radio works include:

• The United States vs. Tesla – The fascinating story the worlds’ most famous and persecuted genius of all time revealed in a stunning legal case argued before the United States Supreme Court in 1946.
• A Different Engine- Dramatic Musical about life of Charles Babbage who invented the world’s first computer – a steam driven contraption! – in Victorian England.
• Taken- Dramatic Musical about the tragedy of 9.11 told from the perspective of two investment bankers who fell in love and died there.
• Again- Dramatic Musical Comedy about the life of seven seniors at a convalescent home in Austin who recall their lives and grapple with this question: If you had a chance to live your life over again, would you have made the same choices?
• Happy ChallaDay!- Musical Comedy which is a parody of “White Christmas” but from the Jewish perspective! Set in Israel, it revolves around a retiring general (sound familiar?), the antics of “The Shlimazels” (revised but reminiscent Bing and Kaye combo), and of course- the Schwartz sisters! (move over Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen). The music is upbeat and melodic.
• Candy’s Last Dance- Co-written with Alice Adams; Music & Lyrics by Charles Moster. Musical about the life of Texas stripper Candy Bar who was befriended by strip club owner Jack Ruby in late 1950’s Dallas. A sexy powerful woman hailed by Texas Monthly as one of the most prominent women in the Lone Star State.
• My Dear Kitty- Dramatic Musical about the life of Anne Frank.
• Google Dot Diz & Cardio Zapped!- Musical about what happens when a time machine is able to bring back a two pound object from the New York Public Library Children’s Collection – circa 2411. Just so happens that it’s an illustrated history of the world. World events change as the future is unveiled in the present!
• A Lone Star Night- Original musical written by Charles Moster about life in South Texas. (theatre production)
• Revelate! – Original musical comedy about the end of the world very loosely based on the book of Revelation – sort of a reverse Godspell which premiered in December ’99 in Austin, Texas. (theatre production)
• Becoming- Contributing writer of show which appeared at the Circle-in-the-Square Theatre and off-off Broadway (1979-80). (theatre production)

New Audio Tribute to Nikola Tesla


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